Rotax Grand Finals – Day 4

Practice sessions three and four were held overnight at the Rotax Grand Finals and several Australians topped their sessions.

DD2 driver Ryan Kennedy has been strongest so far, in the top three each time he’s taken to the track. In fact, he and Broc Feeney topped their respective Session 3 groups.

Boxing kangaroo in Cody Brewczynski’s kart (pic: BRP-Rotax)

Sessions 2, 3 & 4 Summary:

Micro Max
Harry Arnett – P24, 18, 14

Mini Max
James Wharton – P4, 8, 2

Junior Max Even numbers
Jaiden Pope – P8, 6, 9
Jac Preston – P10, 21, 10
Broc Feeney – P11, 1, 12

Senior Max Even numbers
Cody Brewczynski – P14, 31, 16
Brad Jenner – P21, 23, 21
Cameron Longmore – P28, 28, 15

DD2 Masters Even numbers
Troy Woolston – P4, 8, 4
Scott Howard – P5, 9, 5
Kris Walton – P13, 16, 8

DD2 Even numbers
Ryan Kennedy – P3, 1, 2
Josh Fife – P13, 8, 11
Cody Gillis – P14, 12, 7

The final practice session will be held Wednesday morning (Wednesday evening Australian time) before qualifying and the live stream broadcast kicking off around 9:30pm AEDT.

  • Live Stream broadcast will be HERE
  • Live Timing (and session results) are HERE
  • Updates about the Aussies direct from the track via the Rotax Pro Tour Facebook page HERE
  • Gordon Cooper is posting lots of pics on the Coopers Photography Facebook page HERE
  • Timetable (in Australian time) is HERE
The photographer gets photographed – Gordon Cooper (pic: BRP-Rotax)



from the press release

The weather was mild, sunny and 22°C average temperature – in other words, perfect for driving conditions.

The drivers were given two 15-minute practice sessions. Similar to Monday’s set-up, Tuesday proved to be another opportunity for teams to test their equipment and familiarize themselves more with the track layout.

Troy Woolston 506 (pic: BRP-Rotax)

125 Micro MAX
Practice No. 3 saw Zoltan Koros of Slovakia conquer the top spot with a 1:08.792 – three-tenths faster than any other driver in that practice session. However, Koros fell down to eleventh in practice No. 4, giving way to Keanu Al Azhari of the UAE to take over the top spot with a 1:08.732.

125 Mini MAX
Frenchman Marcus Amand posted the fastest lap time in practice No. 3, being the only competitor in the 1:04.00 second mark, posting a 1:04.699. Amand improved his pace in session No. 4, still remaining at the top of the time sheets with a 1:04.538.

125 Junior MAX
Hannes Morin of Sweden posted a solid fastest lap in practice No. 3, two-tenths faster than second place. Practice No. 4 saw Clayton Ravenscroft of the UK jump to the top spot, with a 1:00.460, just nine-thousandths of a second ahead of Victor Bernier of France.

Rotax technicians see to technical issues competitors might have (pic: BRP-Rotax)

125 MAX
The first of the two practice sessions for the 125 MAX group saw Brett Ward of the UK post the fastest lap time of 1:00.137 over the winner of the Japanese Rotax Max Festival, Koki Mizuno, who ran a 1:00.260.

Practice No. 4 saw a change in the running order at the top of the time sheets. Enric Bordas Cotes of Spain posted the fastest lap time of a 1:00.236, closely followed by the Italian driver Lorenzo Nistri.

125 MAX DD2 Masters
Practice No. 3 saw Gabriel Zughella of Argentina post the fastest lap time with a 59.471, about three-hundredths of a second faster than Michael Stephen from the Republic of South Africa.

A new nationality conquered the top spot on the time sheets, as Antti Ollikainen of Finland ran the fastest lap with a 59.395, followed by Grand Finals veteran Ryan Urban of New Zealand who posted a 59.469.

Cody Gillis 402 in the pack (pic: BRP-Rotax)

125 MAX DD2
The DD2 class saw a solid fastest runner for both sessions 3 and 4 – with Ville Viiliaeinen of Finland posting the fastest lap times. Although Ville has been dominant in the last three unofficial practice sessions, we are still far from determining the Grand Finals champion.

Ongoing admin throughout the event (pic: BRP-Rotax)
Rotax has branded water now? (pic: BRP-Rotax)
(pic: BRP-Rotax)