Rotax Grand Finals – Day 2

The kart raffle took place on Sunday. The kart raffle assigns a kart and engine package to each competitor through a random selection process. The random selection process ensures that no driver will be favored over another in terms of receiving a faster chassis / engine package.

Sodikart, IPK (Praga) and BirelART, chassis partners for 2017 RMCGF (pic – BRP-Rotax)

Upon accepting their karts and engines, drivers and mechanics assembled their karting package beneath the massive driver tent in preparation for opening practice.

The Welcome Party will be held tonight, conveniently at the Autodromo do Algarve for all drivers to come together and celebrate the spirit of Rotax karting.

The party also will see the kick-off to the annual Team Contest.

Australian drivers and support crew at the 2017 Grand Finals (pic – Coopers Photography)

Each team will be judged based on the drivers’ team spirit, the uniformity of their team wear and their overall passion for their homeland.


Starting Monday, you can like which team you want to win on the Rotax Facebook Page. The winning team – the one with the most likes – will be announced by the evening of Saturday, November 11 (along with the jury’s official stamp of approval), at the driver’s party.

BRP-Rotax would also like to extend a warm thank you to its chassis partners – Birel ART, IPKarting (Praga) and Sodikart, as they have worked very hard to contribute to the making of the 18th annual Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals.

Stay tuned for our upcoming daily reports, which bring the intense action of the 2017 RMCGF to you!

Helmut addresses the competitors (pic – BRP-Rotax)


Tyre distribution and fitting (pic – BRP-Rotax)
Driver briefings (pic – BRP-Rotax)
Voice of the Grand Finals, Ken Walker (pic – BRP-Rotax)
Tyre distribution and fitting (pic – BRP-Rotax)
Lining up all the new karts just after daybreak (pic – BRP-Rotax)
(pic – BRP-Rotax)
Rotax staff plus 360 karts (pic – BRP-Rotax)
I don’t think it goes there, buddy (pic – BRP-Rotax)
Jen, Mickey and the Drone (pic – BRP-Rotax)
Team Australia! (pic – Coopers Photography)
(pic – BRP-Rotax)
(pic – BRP-Rotax)
Driver brieifings (pic – BRP-Rotax)
Tyre distribution and fitting (pic – BRP-Rotax)