New Sera X5 Breaks Cover

DPE Kart Technology has officially unveiled the company’s new kart – the X5 in both Arrow and the new Sera brands!

DPE press

X5 Mission:

To deliver an affordable product that is visually appealing & a pleasure to work on for the mechanic. For the driver; it must be more forgiving, require less physical & mental effort, perform in all conditions from club day through to championships, wet or dry, MG, Dunlop, Bridgestone or Mojo & is fast from the first drop on track.

X5 Conclusion

According to some of the most respected experts in the industry, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people for the endless time & effort they have put into the development of this product; Remo Luciani, David Sera, Darren Hossack, Tom Williamson, Cody & Darren Gillis, Sam & Greg Dicker, Jordan & Darren Rae, Dale Verrall, Adam Mercer, Arron Hindle, Daniel Rochford, Glenn Powels, Ben Stewart & last but not least, the entire team at DPE Kart Technology who have poured their hearts, blood, sweat & tears into this project. Without all of you, this outstanding product would never have been achievable.” ~ Bart Price, DPE Kart Technology

Self-Adjusting radially mounted black anodised billet alloy brake caliper with floating disc. Adjustable rear ride height
Removable/adjustable front torsion bar available in three stiffnesses (soft, medium, hard)
New design camber/caster adjuster system. Stub axle available in 25mm with 10mm kingpin, or 17mm with 8mm kingpin

New design high grip steering wheel compatible with Alfano & Mychron units
IMAF racing seat available in Standard (silver) or Extra Soft (clear)
DPE’s unique billet adjustable heel rest system, ensuring optimum comfort for all size drivers