Enemy Team Wins CRG Rental Kart World Contest

The 1st Rental Kart World Contest ended with a very positive balance from every point of view, an event conceived by CRG to let the best drivers and teams selected in the tracks that use the CRG Rental Karts all over the world to challenge in an international meeting.

The competitors of the 1st Rental Kart World Contest (pic – CRG)

The 1st edition took place in Lignano Sabbiadoro in Italy, with an 8H Endurance race to assign the team’s title and a Sprint race with qualifying heats for the driver’s title.

More than 20 teams, among whom the ones coming from Czech Republic (selected by the Steel Ring track), from Romania, Switzerland and Slovenia, besides the best Italian Endurance karting teams, challenged in an exciting race, ended with the victory of the Enemy Team made of Andrea Rocco, Edgard Kanah, Daniel Didolani and Marco Comparin, on the PKI team of Fabiano Bottosso, Marco Bortoluzzi and Matteo Grassotto.

Keystone ended in 3rd place with an excellent race (the team winner of the Italian Endurance Kart Cup Series made of Claudio Micelli, Andrea Zemin, Massimo Povia and Orlando Sidoti) just a few seconds ahead of the Steel Ring B team of Ivo Polasek, Zdenek Groman, Domink Stritesky, Jan Matyas, Vojtech Kurka, Zdenek Ostadal e Tomas Kralicek.

Then the Bria Racing team of the Beretta Group (partner of the event) achieved the 5th place after conquering the pole position in the qualifying practice, and finished the race in front of Raceland Vicenza, a team debuting in an International contest that was able to keep the pace of the best competitors.


The top ten is completed by the Nolan team of Alberto and Simone De Martini, together with Alberto Vergani and Niki Cadei, that ended ahead Lhasa, Pomposa Dream Team and Apulia Racing Team.

The winning Enemy Team kart of Andrea Rocco, Edgard Kanah, Daniel Didolani and Marco Comparin (pic – CRG)

The Driver Contest reserved to the single drivers saw the success of Daniel Didolani on Andrea Rocco (photo finish arrival for only 182 thousandths), whilst the 3rd step of the podium was of the Czech driver Zdenek Ostadal.

The event highlighted the great performances of the Centurion Karts, that guaranteed an extraordinary reliability (no technical interventions) and balanced performances for all the teams without need to change the karts during the race (a format the CRG does not apply as it often makes races a lottery rather than the result of strategies and skills of the single drivers). Also the organisation staff is promoted with full marks, able to conceive a challenging race format and accurate services for all the teams, like an excellent Hospitality upstairs the box structure, the video control of every phase of the race and a top technical assistance.

The interest for the CRG Rental Kart World Contest is growing day by day and in 2018 we expect teams coming from China, USA and Northern Europe, in a meeting that will see over 15 countries challenge on the track. The regulation and the selection criteria for the 2018 edition will be presented in November.