Huge Haul For CC Racing at Pro Tour Finale

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CC Racing has experienced what can only be described as incredible success at the final round of the Rotax Pro Tour.

Drivers using CC Racing tuned engines won seven of the eight classes contested at the round.

Not only that, CC drivers also filled second position in six of those classes and completely filled the podium in two!

Clint & Peter Cathcart with the Albury trophy haul (pic – Coopers Photography)

CC Racing honours, Pro Tour round 6, Albury:

Junior MAX
1 Jac Preston (class champion for 2017)
2 Broc Feeney
3 Thomas Sargent

Mini MAX
1 Hugh Barter (class vice-champion for 2017)
2 Jack Childs
3 Cody Maynes-Rutty


Junior Trophy
1 Johnathon Marcusson (class vice-champion for 2017)
2 Russell Mayo (class champion for 2017)

Rotax Light
1 Cody Gillis
2 Rhys Astley
4 Brad Jenner (class champion for 2017)

DD2 Masters
1 Danny Wright
2 Troy Woolston (class champion for 2017)
4 Kris Walton (class vice-champion for 2017)

1 Joshua Fife (class champion for 2017)

Rotax Heavy
1 Lane Moore
2 Kris Walton (class champion for 2017)

CC Racing drivers and their Grand Final tickets (pic – Coopers Photography)

CC Racing
Factory 12, 15-17 Jesica Road
Campbellfield VIC 3061
ph: 03 9357 8204



Troy Woolston, DD2 Masters (pic – Coopers Photography)
Jac Preston, Junior MAX (pic – Coopers Photography)
Joshua Fife, DD2 (pic – Coopers Photography)