Strong Lineup Of Praga Drivers Look to Dominate Pro Tour Final

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A strong line up of Praga Drivers look to dominate the final round of the Rotax Pro Tour!!

Having already sealed the championship, Mini Max driver James Wharton (Shamick Racing) will be looking to dominate once again standing on the top step for the final round.

Hugo Simpson (Shamick Racing) Team mate to James Wharton has had plenty of speed this year hoping to turn it into a podium finish Hugh Barter (CCRacing) currently sitting 3rd in the championship he will be sure to put on another strong display after standing on the podium at previous round.

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Bailey Hazard (Top Gun) on board his praga kart ready to rumble this weekend currently 10th in the championship Aiva Anagnostiadis (TWM) female praga driver currently 14th in the championship geared up for a strong performance.

Kiwi Driver Ryan Wood (G Force) has had an impressive year locking in his spot for the World Finals after Clinching the Championship in the New Zealand Rotax Challenge. His sitting 3rd in the Australian Rotax championship he could be the first Kiwi to grab 2 World Final spots.

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Will Longmore (FullTilt) on board his new praga kart this weekend. Set for a strong performance and excited to race at his home track for the final round.


Kiwi Driver Josh Hart is back in action and back on board his Praga Dragon Kart. No doubt one to watch who will provide plenty of action. The Praga Team are very excited to have him back riding the dragon!

James Foster (GForce) competing in DD2 is fired up and eager to get on the top step this weekend.

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Danny Wright (Full Tilt) DD2 Master driver is super excited to have the last round of the championship here at home soil. Loves the new track extension and has brought a flock of his team members taking part in this weekends event:

  • Sam Dunlevey, DD2
  • Josh Phillips, DD2
  • Casey Fenton, Rotax Heavy

Rotax Driver Matt McNeil has showed plenty of pace throughout the championship and is looking to lock it with a podium result.

The Team are looking to finish on a high this weekend to wrap up what has been a super competitive 2017 championship.

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pic – Coopers Photography