Orange Club’s A-Track Challenge


by Cadet 12 racer Matthew Hansford-Taylor 

On the 6th of August Orange Kart Club held their A Track Challenge round which ended up on the longer B track due to complications with setup of the CMS system for extended numbers of laps. The change of track was at the last minute and put everyone on an even footing in terms of practice and setup – minimal, far from being a hindrance it made for a very interesting day.

Cadet 12, Ryan Kennedy leads Matthew Hansford-Taylor

On a clear crisp sunny day it was a fun day of racing with good competition across a number of classes and enjoyed by all.

In the Cadet 12 class Ryan Kennedy and Matthew Hansford-Taylor had a close weekend. Ryan just had the better of Matthew and won 5 of the 6 races by small margins with Matthew getting the better lap times. Edith McLandsborough drove well to round out the top 3.

KA4 Junior Heavy – Brandon Collins, Oliver McLandsborough and Will Schmarr battled to the very end with Olivier taking the win, Will coming in second and Brandon finishing third.


In the Senior classes there were competitors in the KA3 Senior Light, KA3 Senior Heavy and KA4 Senior Heavy classes.

Timothy Weston ahead of Peter Taylor in Seniors

KA3 Senior Light class Timothy Weston finished first. In the KA3 Senior Heavy class it was Brent Dickson who won the weekend. In the KA4 Senior Heavy class Peter Taylor and Greg McLandsborough had a great weekend of racing. The two DINO’s battled for the win but at the end of the day it was Peter who took the round with Greg second.

Thank you to the Orange Kart Club for holding a well run meeting. Thank you to everyone who raced for supporting the club on the day and we hope to see everyone again for the B Track/A Track challenge on the 3rd September, 2017.

KA4 Junior Heavy winner Oliver McLandsborough with a gap over William Schmarr
P-Plate Cadet 12 driver Edith McLandsborough
Greg McLandsbrough (28) and Peter Taylor