Stony Creek’s July Races

The July club day race meeting at Stony Creek, Vic, was a cold and sometimes windy affair.

Occasional sprinkles of rain meant the conditions were not ideal, however there was still plenty of good racing across all classes.

Results (top 3, overall points for the day):

125 Combined / Open
1 Bill Karakolis
2 Steve Rubinic
3 Marcus McGinley

125 Light
1 Josh Hayward
2 Steve Rubinic
3 Glenn Forsyth


1 Lewis Armstrong
2 Jake Watson
3 Chass Ryding

KA3 Heavy/Light
1 Peter Hayward
2 Scott Armstrong
3 Toby Clifton

KA4 Junior
1 Chloe Ponton
2 Zac Camm
3 Jakob Searles

  • Full results are on MyLaps Speedhive HERE

All photos by Steve Dansie (click images for larger version).