Karting is “at a too professional level” says Jarno Trulli

Former World Karting champion and Formula One driver Jarno Trulli believes junior karting is now at a level that is too professional.

The 43-year old Italian was at the most recent round of the Italian Kart Championship at Adria where his son, Enzo, was competing in the 60cc Mini category on Tony Kart/Vortex.

“60 Mini is a very successful category” Jarno said.

“I would also add that it is one of the most difficult of karting because it is quite crowded, but not all drivers manage to get through to higher categories.

Jarno Trulli with his son Enzo at Adria last week (pic – FM Press)

“The problem is that costs are too high, clearly, something is not working to put a limit to several things.


“Theoretically, 60 Mini should be a promotional category with identical chassis and engines, but (here) there is an impressive (amount of) R&D work.

“I think it should go back to my old times when everyone had the same engine in Mini. I remember it was Comer back then, which was a pretty straightforward and cheap engine.

“The single make option is the only way to allow kids to get to karting in the right way. Now we are at a too professional level instead.”



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    • Jarno Trulli – this is the exact reason why Commission KartSport Australia is starting up. To give grassroot karting the opportunity to get back into affordable karting and having fun.

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