CRG Takes The Lead of DKM Championships


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The winning quality of CRG has been confirmed in Wackersdorf’s third round of the DKM Championship. The Italian outfit is now leading the charts in KZ2 with Jorrit Pex, in OK with Dennis Hauger and in OK-Junior with Hugo Sasse.


Dennis Hauger has shown an impressive growth in OK and, despite being in his maiden year in the category, he already reached the top showing the speed required to lead more experienced drivers, as also happened at the recent European Championship in Le Mans. In Wackersdorf, Hauger had the upper hand in both Finals, after taking the win of the heats. Such a dominant run launched the Norwegian driver of CRG to the lead of the provisional classification, thanks also to the results scored in Ampfing and the victory and second place taken in Kerpen.

Dennis Hauger, OK (pic – Joan Codina /

In OK, the very young Spanish driver of CRG Kilian Meyer has also put in an excellent performance in Wackersdorf. He posted the fastest lap of Race-1 claiming the ninth place, before improving to fifth in Race-2. The Dutch driver of CRG Keijzer Racing Glenn Van Berlo has also had a strong weekend and installed himself in the third place of the classification, thanks to the double podium obtained in Wackersdorf. He was in fact third in Race-1 and second behind Hauger in Race-2. CRG TB Racing Team’s Luca Maisch displayed a good shape taking the fourth place in Race-1 and the sixth in Race-2. The German Erik Munding closed his effort within the top ten on Kalì-Kart-Parilla. He was ninth in Race-2 and 13th in Race-1.

Dennis Hauger’s comment follows: “I had the normal speed as everybody else, but I kept a consistent pace, had my head cool and focused on my race. I am so happy I took this double win that is very important for the championship. In the next rounds I just need to focus and do my best.”

DKM OK Classification: 1. Hauger (CRG-Parilla) points 144; 2. Schumacher 140; 3. Van Berlo (CRG-Parilla) 103; 4. Arnold 91; 5. Tonteri 79; 6. Maisch (CRG-Parilla) 67; 7. Meyer (CRG-Parilla) 61; 8. Lindh 59; 9. Kacovsky 58; 10. Munding (Kalì-Kart-Parilla) 49.



In KZ2, Jorrit Pex regained the lead of the provisional classification on CRG-Tm, thanks to the third place in Race-1 and the victory of Race-2 in Wackersdorf. Five time DKM Champion Jorrit Pex, has took the lead off the previous leader that was his brother Stan Pex, who clinched a third place in Race-1 and a DNF in Race-2 – as he could not start, in this third round of DKM. Fabian Federer, did not get what he would have deserved on CRG-Tm run by team SRP in Wackersdorf. Quickest in qualifying, winner in the heats, he had to retire from Race-1 before bouncing back to the seventh place of Race-2. Following the 16th place in Race-1, Flavio Camponeschi recovered well to P9 in Race-2. Fabrizio Rosati was also among the quickest on CRG and took the fourth place in Race-1, before retiring from Race-2 due to a contact with Camponeschi. Max Tubben ended Race-2 in tenth place after retiring from Race-1. The German of SRP Toni Tschentscher was sixth in Race-1 and eighth in Race-2.

Jorrit Pex, KZ2 (pic – Joan Codina /

Jorrit Pex’s comment: “Every time there is a race in Wackersdorf, there is a big chance that I win it. I like the track here and everything around it, I always like to come back here. I feel confident, first of all, I have to say that the engine and the chassis have been amazing this weekend, but it is really bad that Stan had a problem with the spark plug. Today we could make a one-two, but this is racing and things can break, and the bad thing from today is that it happened to Stan. Now we need to do the same at the two remaining rounds of the German Championship, the next one will still be here, and then one more time for the World Championship. That would make it a good year…”

DKM KZ2 classification: 1. Jorrit Pex (CRG-Tm) points 143; 2. Stan Pex (CRG-Tm) 134; 3. Federer (CRG-Tm) 105; 4. Iglesias 100; 5. Camponeschi (CRG-Tm) 89; 6. Dreezen 79; 7. Matisic 71; 8. Kohler 66; 9. Nilsson 43; 10. Pieruszek 39.

In KZ2 Cup, the Dutch driver Jeroen Bos took the fifth place of Race-1 and the third in Race-2 on CRG-Tm run by CRG Holland. These results earned him the second place of the provisional classification, fourteen points short of the leader. The German Moritz Horn (fourth in Race-2) is fifth in the classification, 24 points off the lead, on CRG-Tm run by CRG TB Racing Team instead. CRG-Performance’s Nico Neuman despite not entering the championship, was third and second in the two finals.

DKM KZ2 Cup classification: 1. Speck points 115; 2. Detmers and Bos (CRG-Tm) 101; 4. Muller 96; 5. Horn (CRG-Tm) 91.


The good momentum of CRG drivers in DKM continued also in OK-Junior. The German Hugo Sasse installed himself on top of the OK-Junior classification in Wackersdorf by winning Race-1 and coming fourth in Race-2 on CRG-Parilla run by CRG TB Racing Team. Sasse collected in this way more points than the previous classification leader, team mate Niels Troger (CRG-Tm), who could not score points in either final, after taking the pole position and the third place in the heats. Troger had to retire from Race-1 and was later on 19th in Race-2, which made him slip down to the third place of the provisional classification. Among the quickest, the Dutch Kas Haverkort of CRG Keijzer Racing was third in Race-1 and fifth in Race-2, results that made him gain the second place of the classification. Donar Nils Munding was third in Race-2 on Kalì-Kart, while RL-Competition’s Marius Zug was sixth in Race-1 and eighth in Race-2 on CRG-Tm. Luca Giardelli ended Race-1 in 24th place and Race-2 in 25th.

Hugo Sasse (#108), OK-Junior (pic – Joan Codina /

DKM OK-Junior classification: 1. Sasse (CRG-Parilla) points 133; 2. Haverkort (CRG-Parilla) 109; 3. Troger (CRG-Tm) 102; 4. Coluccio; 5. David (Zanardi-Parilla) 88; 6. Munding (Kalì-Kart) 76; 7. Zug (CRG-Tm) 59; 8. Marseglia (Zanardi-Parilla) 55; 9. Michelotto (Zanardi-Parilla) 54; 10. Linty 51.

Next rounds:
27.08.2017 Wackersdorf (GER)
22.10.2017 Lonato (ITA)