CKSA Officially Launches

Commission Kart Sport Australia, a new body to sanction kart racing in Australia, has now been officially launched.

It joins Karting Australia (AKA), AIDKA and a bunch of smaller organisations and independent tracks and clubs to run karting events in this country.

Rather than paraphrase the key points, below is the organisation’s official press release:



Formation of the Commission of Kart Sport Australia CKSA
Providing Choice for all Kart Sport in Australia

Today marks a milestone in kart sport in Australia with the formation of the Commission of Kart Sport Australia.

The CKSA will offer all members and clubs with a national body that is based on proper federation structure that ensures through it’s partner alliance with the AASA that CKSA meets federal government Australian Sports Commission policy including all aspects of junior participation and compliance including recognition of officials, club support and government compliance with community involvement, regional development and national regulatory bodies such as the ASADA.

Not only is the CKSA fully sanctioned body under AASA for kart sport, the CKSA will ensure that all kart members and clubs have equal share and votes in the CKSA and all members, clubs and classes will have full direction and control over their own areas through their own sporting and technical directors in each class that will report to the national management body directly. The federation body of the CKSA is a true federation structure with no states bodies that often are issues with governance between state associations and national ASIC bodies to which the CKSA will be registered as a national ASIC non for profit organisation.

The CKSA allows members and clubs to take full control of all classes and what events they run under a number of CKSA approved competition programs.

Key members of the CKSA with significant experience in the kart sport area will be initially appointed into management roles with in the CKSA to support the development of the CKSA with areas
of the sport, club and member development and classes to support the CKSA model. This provides both members and clubs with direct representation on the CKSA board of management to ensure they have a voice in the sport that is both heard and respected.


The CKSA fully recognises and endorses Karting Australia’s role in development of elite karting in Australia and supports this however the CKSA offers those members and clubs with the more social and family based approach to enjoy the sport in a number of ways.

NEW 4 stroke National Sprint Class

This includes major objectives of the CKSA to support clubs and tracks by bringing members and karts “out of sheds and back onto tracks” including a brand new class of low cost club and novice
racing using the International Briggs and Stratton 4 Stroke series supported by a CKSA entry level club kart kit. The Novice championship will be open entry on set engine and tyre specs working with the importer and will be offered as a regional championship to CKSA aligned clubs and culminating in the CKSA Easter nationals to be held at regional clubs only. All clubs will be able to run all classes including Karting Australia classes with parity work that will be on going to ensure all members and karts get the best from the CKSA.

CKSA Member and Club Benefits, Why Join ?

  • Restoration of all classes discarded by Karting Australia in recent changes
  • Introduction of a Club Novice class race with open engine and chassis and tyre , getting members and karts back on track
  • Introduction of Social class with open engine, chassis and tyres for practice only
  • Re introduction of the Easter National Championships for all classes to be run as the CKSA Nationals, return to Easter and to be run at regional tracks only in line with a regional event
    support program, clubs working together in regional areas across out dated state borders is key
  • A fully safety based risk matrix approach endorsed by the AASA together with national AASA/ CKSA Stewards
  • National insurance policy provided by former AKA supplier Transwest Insurance , lower costs to tracks and clubs
  • Introduction of personal insurance cover on CKSA licences
  • Full recognition of all Karting Australia licence, regulations and classes
  • Better support for clubs with Full My Laps Orbits and Sports TG club and Events IT portal
    • On line licence and payments
    • Event promotion and entries
    • Automatic entry into My Laps for race files, no more wasted time on entries, late entry support and on line program on line
    • Results on line with My Laps Speed Hive
    • All sporting regulations, rules and technical specs on line for all classes
    • All events to be promoted along with track director and club register
    • Web cast service for events

The CKSA as national body will offer all classes of karting with representative body that supports all areas of the sport with focus on all levels of sports members and support together with
promotion of classes and events.

Some more detailed key initiatives of the CKSA include the full removal of monetary fines and the introduction of a points based licence system that is real time and on line and can have points
added by any sanctioned AASA / CKSA official at any time. A full code of member conduct including an integrity and ethical standards unit that will assist all clubs in all areas will operate under
the support of recognised national workplace compliance supplier HR Assured with a complete support package for HR Management with clubs that will ensure the compliance of both the CKSA and will also be made available to all clubs to support them. This includes full legal panel representation for all clubs to address all issues of workplace matters and member protection and integrity of the club.

The CKSA offers all karting members and clubs a new alternative that respects the karters and clubs to which the sport is based and supports inclusive sporting and regional community development with support for vital regional events with economic development.

CKSA alliance partners include United Petroleum to which all CKSA members will benefit from personal Issue of a Race Fuel Card as the official fuel supplier to CKSA members will directly have
fuel discounts on all United Fuels and direct cents per liter investment into the CKSA to assist the sport. United Petroleum will be the official fuel supplier of the National Novice 4 Stroke
Series also and partner of the CKSA Nationals as the fuel supplier.

Each individual club can make its own assessment to which sanctioning body is the best fit but CKSA will support all clubs in the best interest of the sport together with any legal and associations
incorporation professional advice it has access.

The CKSA is not about taking over karting in Australia just giving members and clubs choice to what fits them best…..

Club Track Fundraising Support

The CKSA will work in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation at to cover all aspects of club support for fundraising working with the ASF to identify club and track
requirements and promote these in grant and funding support alongside Australia’s Premier Sports.

Information on members and clubs and officials wishing to join the CKSA can be found at: