Supercars Team Owner For TEKA Enduro

Supercars team owner Charlie Schwerkolt will team up with his V8 endurance co-driver Karl Reindler to tackle the TEKA endurance event at Eastern Creek on July 23.

The duo will be joined by a yet-to-be named third driver in the 5 hour and 50 minute race.  They will drive a new Joker chassis.

Karl Reindler and Charlie Schwerkolt  will be joined by a third driver for TEKA’s round 5

Schwerkolt’s Preston Hire Racing already supports a three-kart team in TEKA’s 2017 Championship.

“Urban myth says that Charlie is quite handy behind the wheel and competitors shouldn’t be fooled by his jovial persona” TEKA published on its website.

“He will bring his competitive and determined spirit to the track that has proven to withstand adversity and come out on top!”


Reindler has a wealth of experience under his belt across multiple motorsport categories, including karting.

“Karl is known to love a chat, however will have eyes forward and stealth-like focus as he takes to the Eastern Creek track.”

Eastern Creek will see a fourth #51 entry added to the Preston Hire Racing fleet