KA Launch Quarterly E-Zine

Karting Australia is now producing its own media publication. The first issue of its online magazine, titled Full Throttle, went live today.

A KA media release stated the e-zine will be published quarterly and “has been designed as a part of the continued push to provide more resources and information to Clubs, licence holders and members of the karting industry.”

This first 66-page issue includes a feature on the resources available to Clubs contained within the recently launched buildingbetterkartclubs website, information on upcoming SP Tools Junior Sprockets days, a wrap of State Championship events, the Bring A Mate program, and features on the Ricciardo Kart and recently homologated Torini 4-stroke Engines.

“Within Full Throttle we want to bring competitors to the fore, along with giving the industry and our clubs the chance to highlight the great work they are doing within their communities and for our sport,” said Karting Australia Chairman Mick Doohan.

“Along with the information about the on-track action we’ll also bring you an insight into our hard working officials that volunteer each and every weekend of the year to make sure the race meetings run smoothly. Graham and Nancy Castledine are our first featured ‘Weekend Heroes’.”


This is not the first time the governing body has been producing magazines. In it’s former guise of AKA, a print publication (ironically, titled Karting Australia) was produced and distributed to AKA licenced members.

This was pre-internet, so served an effective communication channel to update members on rule changes, state reports and the like. It also often featured quest writers, such as karters who had just returned home from an event overseas.

The cover of AKA's Karting Australia magazine of December 1994 featured a photo and information from that year's National Conference
The cover of AKA’s Karting Australia magazine of December 1994 featured a photo and information from that year’s National Conference