The Bob Gartside Special

by Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies

Another great event for the Stanbroke Bob Gartside race day at Ipswich City Dirt Kart Club and another record attendance – 146 entries and their families getting to see the displays of a sprint car & 1/4 scale sprint cars.

As for the racing, some great numbers necessitated 3 groups of 125cc Seniors and a huge field of 100cc Seniors. Again, the on track action didn’t disappoint with the added excitement of Dead Mans Finals with the prospect of champagne to be sprayed for the top 4.

Ya can’t park ’em THERE!

Following the fireworks and the 57 raffle prizes being given away, most were too cold in the Ipswich winter to be spraying champagne on one another – understandable if ya ask me! But some of the kids couldn’t resist.

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Plenty of mumbo from Twin Rotaxes
Ipswich mayor Teresa Harding was on hand to wave the green flag for one of the race starts
Lots of shoeys by the kids (how many sets of race boots have been ruined by this?)

Results & Video of The Features

1st Fletcher Willis
2nd Dominic Shepherd
3rd Zoe Rankin
4th Winston Hartness

Junior 1
1st Gordon Yarrow
2nd Louie Preece
3rd James Rankin
4th Gordon Cosford

Junior 2
1st Brodey Peterson
2nd Rahnee McNae
3rd Robert Peterson
3rd Sebastian Woodrow

Junior 3
1st Braxton Doyle
2nd Rahnee McNae
3rd Jai Holz
4th Lewis Heggie

1st Poppy Sharp
2nd Asha Mott

Sub Juniors
1st Oliver Harvey
2nd Aiya Mott
3rd Chilli Wright
4th Noah Jostone

1st Louie Preece
2nd Xavier Holz
3rd Ryan Ridge
4th Jordan Holz


1st Harrison Willis
2nd Ryan Kington
3rd Jai Holz
4th Braxton Doyle

1st Kim Dack
2nd Stephan Cochran
3rd Felicia Hines
4th Ray Kowald

Group 2
1st Dayle Formosa
2nd Maverick Dack
3rd Michael Dack
4th Shanen Wilhelmsen

Group 3
1st Ashley Rasmussen aka (Steven Bradbury)

Group 4
1st Chris Heggie
2nd Cassidy Edyvean
3rd Cam Hartness

Group 5
1st Amy Reid
2nd Corey Carroll

4-Stroke Mod
1st David Reid
2nd Sam Hines
3rd Tegan Gartside
4th Blake Formosa

1st Shane Manning
2nd Bryson Kington
3rd Craig Taylor
4th Grace Zarb

125cc Group A
1st Brad Young
2nd Jason Pryde
3rd Silvio Palazzo
4th Cam Williams

125cc Group B
1st Brandon Scott
2nd Will Edyvean
3rd Sherree Rock
4th Ryan Stacey

125cc Group C
1st Jai Holz
2nd Dallas Sharp
3rd Rob Simpson
4th Danny Townsend

2-Stroke Mod
1st Brad Young
2nd Nic McDowell