International Rules Changes

The FIA World Motor Sport Council’s June 11 meeting has resulted in a number of regulation changes relating to international karting. They cover new dimensions for front bodywork (to close a loophole where front panels were covering the front fairing/nose cone) and a new ‘Global Plan’ for karting to be revealed before the end of the year.

The official FIA Karting press release is below:

Amendments to the CIK-FIA Technical and Homologation Regulations

Modification of Technical Drawing No. 2.1a of the CIK-FIA Technical Regulations

A maximum value of 200 mm is now specified for the distance between the upper edge of the front panel and the leading edge of the steering wheel at its central point, in order to respect the spirit of the Regulations concerning the penalisation of incorrectly positioned front fairings at the finish. Immediate application.

Modification of Article 22 of the CIK-FIA Homologation Regulations, which must take effect from the next Homologation session for new bodywork (2025-2027).

Front panel – Groups 1 & 2
Dimensions : Length: min. 760mm – max. 780mm
Width: min 250mm – max 300mm

Following on from the previous amendment, this decision is intended to ensure that there will no longer be an opportunity to exploit a loophole, with the homologation of front panels of a length capable of complying with the maximum value of 200mm while covering the front fairing.

Modification of Article 7.3 of the CIK-FIA Approval Regulations

The current paragraph concerning tyres has been amended as follows:

A new Manufacturer may apply for Approval of its tyres, provided that it meets the conditions defining a Manufacturer likely to be recognised by the CIK-FIA. If Approval is granted, it will be valid for three years and may not be renewed, or another application for Approval may not be submitted unless the Manufacturer has obtained CIK-FIA Tyre Homologation in the meantime. Immediate application.

The purpose of this amendment is to allow a new tyre Manufacturer to manufacture products under an Approval and to gain experience before applying for a Homologation.


Modification to Article 2.15 of the General Prescriptions – Flags

Updating of Article 2.15 necessitated by the official introduction of the use of LED screens by the Race Director or his deputy on the start line in addition to or instead of flags. Immediate application.

Modification to Article 2.25 of the General Prescriptions – Rankings and International Karting Ranking

Changes have been made to Article 2.25 to facilitate the registration by certain ASNs in the FIA Karting Ranking system (IKR) of national series run with equipment, other than leisure karts, using electric or 2 or 4-stroke internal combustion engines. Immediate application.

The NKR (National Karting Ranking) introduced this year should enable ASNs to promote their local activities.

Implementation of CIK-FIA short circuit licence grades

It has been decided to introduce a grading system for FIA-licensed karting circuits: this system is intended to clarify the different track and infrastructure requirements for the different levels of competition in order to ensure that all existing circuits still meet these new criteria, while giving new circuit designers clear guidelines on which to base their projects. The regulations will be updated accordingly in the coming weeks, to come into force on 1 January 2025.

FIA Motorsport Games

ETS Racing Fuels has been selected with its 100% sustainable fuel Renewablaze LCP4 R100 as the exclusive fuel supplier for the Karting Sprint Sr, Karting Sprint Jr and Karting Sprint Mini categories at the FIA Motorsport Games, which will take place at the Aspar Circuit in Valencia (ESP) from 23 to 27 October 2024.

Announcement of a Global Plan for Karting

Opportunities at local level continue to increase, encouraging accessible and affordable participation. The African Karting Cup, launched in February, saw the participation of over 60 competitors from nine African nations.

As the FIA focuses on this growth, FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has called for the creation of a new FIA Karting Plan to provide a roadmap for the sport for all stakeholders. This new plan will take into account karting’s path to the major Championships and will be presented by the end of the year.