Dubbo’s Doubles

from Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies

It’s always great travelling interstate for a karting event. This one was a double decker event – round 3 of the Southern Stars Series and round 2 of the Coast-2-Country from Dubbo Kart Club’s Lincoln County Raceway. I even took the Mrs (scroll to bottom for evidence)!

145 entries contested the event and to see 27 4SS Senior Mediums take to the track was a sight for sore eyes.

Just as exciting was some tremendous racing from the TaG Restricted Heavy, TaG Heavy and Junior Light & Heavy classes, not to mention Rookies and Performance Senior Light.

Conditions on both mornings started as quite misty which soon cleared, but it left a greasy surface which caught a few drivers out. Overall it was an event with no dramas on track at all and was a pleasure to call!

  • full results on speedhive HERE
  • scroll down for videos of the finals
  • more videos on The Noise YouTube HERE
  • lots of photos on Kev’s Facebook HERE
  • presentation photos on Nic Pic NSW Facebook HERE
  • Southern Star progressive points on the series’ Facebook HERE

Results & Videos

4SS Senior Medium
1 Drew Russell
2 Richard Drooger
3 Tyler Budden

Junior Heavy
1 Andrew Fitzpatrick
2 Tyler Koenig
3 Jake Ambler

TaG 125 Light
1 Mitchell Wood
2 Hayden Buchanan
3 Holly Holden-Stewart

TaG 125 Heavy
1 Todd Stocks
2 Lincoln Chesser
3 Hayden Jackson


4SS Senior Light
1 Steven Brett
2 Ryan Mace
3 Kieran Eccles

4SS Senior Heavy
1 Phillip Middleton
2 Brent Dickson
3 Kurtis Dickson

TaG Rest Light
1 Samuel Salvestrin
2 Adam Barnes
3 Mackenzie Pollard

TaG Rest Heavy
1 Drew Russell
2 Daniel Ferry
3 Clint Lyon

Senior Performance Light
1 Connor Richards
2 Hunter Hague
3 Nicholas Follows

1 Antonio Ornelas
2 Cooper House
3 Denilson Silva

1 Andrej Vusovic
2 Kody Jenkins
3 Nate Robinson

Junior Light
1 Jaxon Ison
2 Hayden Mules
3 angus Maxworthy