IKD’s Targett

International Karting Distributors (IKD) has officially confirmed a “cooperation agreement” with Australian karting icon Jon Targett to head up a support network for the OTK brands in Australia

Targett and IKD owner Ian Black have been friends for decades and are both excited to finally work together on this project.

Jon Target and Ian Black

“Jon has a ton of experience both here and in Europe and will be very beneficial to the OTK project overall” IKD posted on Facebook.

“When I informed Mr. Robazzi (owner of #OTK) that we had Jon onboard, he was very excited” said Black.

“He has known Jon a long time as well and respects his knowledge and feedback.

“Mr Robazzi does not hand out compliments easily so to get this endorsement from him says a lot.”


Targett’s role will be to attend race events, such as the AKC round in Adelaide last weekend, and be available to support all OTK owners.

He will steer the direction of OTK in terms of kart setup and provide feedback to the OTK factory in Italy to ensure the karts that come to Australia continue to be suited to our needs.


“Many people lose their way and overcomplicate things when it comes to kart setup” Targett said.

“I have always believed in the principle of keeping it simple and telling people what they need to know rather than what they would like to hear.

“I was very encouraged with what I saw on the weekend at the first round of the Australian Kart Championship. We had very strong performances in KA3 Junior, TAG, X30 and KZ – (the) track speed is there.

“We had a bunch of heat wins and a few podiums, we just need to fine tune things and have a bit of luck go our way. It will be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to it.”

Looks like exciting times ahead for OTK in Australia!