2024 KNSW Rule Book

Karting NSW has released its 2024 Rulebook, which comes into affect on January 1st.

“Please take the time to read the rule book and its changes prior to visiting your local kart track in 2024” KNSW posted.

  • The full rule book (149 pages in PDF format) can be downloaded by clicking/tapping HERE.
  • A rule change summary document (2 pages, PDF) is HERE.

Of note is a change to the mandatory safety equipment for Novice/Rookie/Junior drivers who are now required to wear a neck brace while driving on track.

“We will also be introducing a new rule book update process for 2024” KNSW confirmed.


“Each addendum issued will be updated in the rule book itself rather than being listed separately. This means the rule book on our website will always be the most up to date version at all times.”