Karting Australia Survey

Karting Australia has invited its members and licence holders to participate in a survey about karting.

“This survey has been designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the modern, wider karting community and includes questions surrounding not only your involvement in the sport but also the demographics surrounding that involvement” KA stated in the email.

“The responses received will assist KA, States and Clubs when planning for the future of the sport and allow for potential development of relationships outside of the current karting community.”

Members who complete the survey before 9pm on December 17 go into a prize draw worth over $5000.


Prize Pool

  • 5 sets of LeCont SVC Tyres
  • 5 sets of LeCont SVB Tyres
  • 5 sets of LeCont LH03 Tyre
  • 5 sets of Maxxis Tyres
  • 5 x Karting Australia Annual Licence Renewals
  • 5 x MySport Live Annual Subscriptions

We have not included the link to the survey here, because it’s specifically for KA members who have received an invite (if we published the link, non-KA karters could add their responses which could unfairly skew the results).

We will publish the results if/when KA make them public.