CIK-FIA Parrilla/DAP Tribute

from FIA Karting

With the recent death of Angelo Parrilla at the age of 77, the karting community has lost one of the most influential and respected figures in the development of the discipline worldwide.

The name Parrilla has been inseparable from the history of karting since its origins. Founded by Angelo’s father, Giovanni Parrilla, the Moto Parilla brand played a key role in the introduction of karting to Italy and Europe.

Moto Parilla launched karting competition by manufacturing the first specific engine for the discipline. Together with his brother Achille, Angelo Parrilla then launched the DAP brand in 1970 with DAP chassis and engines recorded numerous successes in karting competitions.


While Achille Parrilla was the brand’s technician, Angelo ensured DAP’s commercial success with his intuitive business and sporting sense. He was able to identify the immense talent of Ayrton Senna Da Silva early on and ensured his arrival in Europe. Senna drove a DAP / DAP throughout his international karting career from 1977 to 1982 before moving into single-seaters.

Senna’s DAP/DAP as it runs today (pic – FIA Karting)

“Angelo Parrilla was one of the last great players in the original karting era,” said FIA Karting President Akbar Ebrahim. 

“It is thanks to passionate entrepreneurs like him, as well as his father and brother, that karting has flourished and in Europe and around the world. His endearing personality, entirely dedicated to karting, will be fondly remembered and among the great names of our sport.“