Cooloola Round 2

from Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies

Another fabulous day of racing at Cooloola for the second weekend in a row, this time the Club Championship round two contested by 80 drivers across the usual classes on offer. Four strokes were well represented in senior and junior classes.

TaG 125 at Championship weight saw the Tyler Greenbury Racing team take up most spots and very fast competitive racing was observed by all. KA3 Juniors saw a win for “The Joker” Jye Flynn who was kept honest by the twins Henry & Charlie Stratford. Incidentally, the twins came up through the four-stroke route of racing via Coolum Karts Racing and their progression to two-stroke racing has been a whirlwind showing strong signs of future success.

A good field of Cadet 12s saw Riley Curtis dominant and no one could stop the march of Luke Thomas in TaG Restricted Medium. Big Dog Earthmoving sponsored the fastest lap in each race category.

Round 3 for the CCKC Championship is April 22-23. This will also be Round 2 of the 4SS City to Country series and will be a 2-day event with drivers briefing at 12.30pm on the Saturday and qualifying starting from 1pm. Extra 4SS classes will be available as well as the usual race categories.

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Results (overall) & Video of Finals

4SS Supermax Medium
1 David Mullins
2 Christian Bartens
3 Rafael Nunes de Sousa

4SS Senior Medium
1 Nigel Ward
2 Luke Smith
3 Danny Palmer

KA3 Junior Light
1 Jye Flynn
2 Henry Stratford
3 Charlie Stratford


TaG 125 Restricted Light
1 Ethan Blackhead
2 Robert Mortensen
3 Liam Wyatt

TaG 125 Restricted Medium
1 Luke Thomas
2 Rudy Farkas
3 David Lawrence

4SS Junior
1 Jasper Price
2 Lochlan Shearsmith
3 Troy Bowden

TaG 125 Championship
1 Jett Adamson
2 Shaun Jaques
3 Tyler Greenbury

KA3 Junior Heavy
1 Jye Flynn
2 Cody Scott
3 Connor O’Reilly

Cadet 12 P
1 Samuel McColl
2 Tayla Kirkpatrick
3 Sienna Evans

4SS Senior Light
1 Darcy Briggs
2 Elisha Slapp
3 Kalan Mullins

Cadet 12
1 Riley Curtis
2 Alistair Leggatt
3 Andrew Thomson

Cadet 9
1 Oscar Ray
2 Connor Vuichoud
3 Nate Henshaw