4-Stroke Changes

The Four-Stroke Karting Association of NSW has decided to restructure its classes for 2023.

The organisation has confirmed the Masters class and the Heavy class trialled in 2022 will not continue this year.

“The good news is, we are introducing a new class for those less serious and entry level teams” 4SKANSW advised.

This new ‘Club’ class brings the total classes for this year to three, with the existing Pro class and Champ class.

Each class, which is based around team performance and results, will receive awards and trophies at each round and each class will have its own championship.


“For 2023, we will split Champ Class in half based on the results of 2022. The top 50% will remain in Champ Class and the remainder will be the inaugural Club Class. Pro Class remains unchanged.”

4SKANSW will notify teams which class they have been allocated prior to the opening of entries for Round 1 (the Lithgow 500 Lapper on February 5 – see calendar below).