Calleja 3rd at Industry Trophy

William Calleja was the best performed of a bunch of Australian karters contesting the 50th running of the Trofeo delle Industrie (Industry Trophy) at Lonato last weekend.

Calleja put in another super effort in Italy, qualifying strongly, keeping out of trouble in the heats then moving up to a podium position in the final, crossing the line third behind Italian Filippo Sala and Brazilian Augustus Toniolo (both Kart Republic/IAME).

William Calleja, 3rd at Lonato (pic – Calleja/FB)

Cody Maynes-Rutty (KZ2), Bradley Majman (OK-J) and Jenson Burns (OK-J) were the other Aussies to make their respective finals, Cody having to go through the stress of a repecharge race to get there.

Aussie Wrap

KZ2 (47 drivers)


  • Cody Maynes-Rutty (PCR Factory Team, PCR/TM). Q: 41. Heats: 22, 18. Ranking: 32. Repecharge: 2. Pre-final: 32 (DNF). Final: 32 (DNF).
PCR’s Cody Maynes-Rutty (pic – CMR/FB)

OK-Junior (47 drivers)

  • Bradley Majman (Shamick Europe, Parolin/TM). Q 34. Heats: 11, 15. Ranking: 17. Pre-Final: 32 (DNF). Final: 20th.
  • Jaxson Burns (Shamick Europe, Parolin/TM). Q 46. Heats: 24, 23. Ranking: 39. Repecharge: 9. Pre-Final: DNQ
  • Nicolas Stati (Energy Corse Srl, Energy/TM). Q44. Heats: 24, 21. Ranking: 37. Repecharge: 7 (penalty, was 3rd). Pre-Final: DNQ
  • Jenson Burns (Shamick Europe, Parolin/TM). Q 42. Heats: 17, 22. Ranking: 29. Pre-Final: 25. Final: 25.

Mini (94 drivers)

  • William Calleja (Parolin Motorsport, Parolin/TM). Q: 12. Heats: 5, 7, 7, 3, 3. Ranking: 7. Pre-Final: 9. Final: 3rd.
  • Harmish Campbell (Energy Corse Srl, Energy/TM). Q 53. Heats: 13, 12, 31, 29, 23. Ranking: 67. Repecharge: DNQ.
Calleja on the charge aboard his factory Parolin machine

Full results are HERE.