Noisy Tour Round 3

from Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies

Sunday September 18 saw round 3 of the 2022 Project X Noisy Tour feature at Toowoomba & Lockyer Valley Kart Club with TaG Restricted Light, TaG Restricted Medium, TaG Restricted Heavy, TaG Restricted Masters, TaG Heavy and Open Performance.

There was some fabulous racing all around and once again a great win in TaG Restricted Light for Dean Vellacott. Joshua Herne was a stand out performer, winning both TaG Restricted Heavy & Medium. Peter Virgulti got the chocolates for taking out TaG Restricted Masters. Brock Plumb was victorious in a very closely contested TaG Heavy class while Open Performance win went to a driver in top form at the moment, Brett Wells!

Loclan Henock #99 leads KA3 Junior to a start (pic – Kev Davies)

Results of all classes are below, with video of the Noisy Tour class finals (heat race videos on YouTube HERE).

  • full results are on speedhive HERE
  • scroll to the bottom for podium pics
  • some more photos of the support classes HERE
Putting the trophy to good use! (pic – Kev Davies)
KA4 Junior was tight! Luke Trost (above) won the meeting but was tied on points with Jye Flynn (pic – Kev Davies)

Results (overall points for the meeting):

DD2 Masters
1 Trent Forbes
2 Travis Carruthers
3 Peter Virgulti

Open Performance
1 Brett Wells
2 Peter Bossons
3 Dan Hutchinson

Cadet 9 (Comer/Beginners A)
1 Hayden Tilmouth
2 Brodie Rose
3 Charlee Mitchell

Cadet 9 (Comer/Beginners B)
1 Mackenzie Blatch
2 Mia deVisser
3 Josh Applebee

TaG Restricted Heavy
1 Joshua Herne
2 Brendan Gough
3 Phill Straughen


TaG Restricted Masters
1 Peter Virgulti
2 Russell Vellacott
3 Paul Flannery

Cadet 12
1 Lana Flack
2 Levi Boyd
3 Michael Quintillani

Cadet 9
1 Hareln Bell
2 Luca Raso
3 Riccardo Johnston

KA3 Junior
1 Jake Czislowski
2 Brendan Martin
3 Loclan Hennock

TaG 125 Light
1 Keegan Fraser
2 Kyle Taffe
3 Peter Bossons

TaG 125 Heavy
1 Brock Plumb
2 Jackson Smith
3 Scott Gray

TaG Restricted Light
1 Dean Vellacott
2 Thomas Wederell
3 Felix Kajewski

TaG Restricted Medium
1 Joshua Herne
2 Alan Czislowski
3 Brad Cox

KA4 Junior
1 Luke Trost
2 Jye Flynn
3 Tyson McGill