NEW PRODUCT: Stopper Plate for Hub Spacers

Axle spacers are a pretty popular accessory that many karters use today. They fit inside the rear hub to prevent the hub from slipping in on the axle during a race, and are a quick and easy way to set the rear track.

However, there are now hub designs in use on some modern karts (eg, Kart Republic) where these spacers cannot be used as there is no flange on the hub for the spacer to butt-up against.

Introducing these new Stopper Plates. Designed by Melbourne karter Angelo D’Ettorre and manufactured locally, the Stopper Plates retain the axle spacers, thus preventing the hub from slipping in.

Once the rear wheel is fitted in place, the Stopper Plate slips over the three mounting studs before the wheel nuts are fitted and tightened (or use the additional vacant stud locations).

The Stopper Plate can be fitted prior to the wheel nuts.
Or be retained via the three vacant studs.

Made from 3mm laser-cut stainless steel (so they will never rust!), a set of two pieces is $25, which includes delivery within Australia.

It should be noted these will only fit wheels and hubs that have a PCD of 69.5mm (ie, Kart Republic, FA Kart, Will Power Kart).

The Stopper Plates will be available for dispatch from 5th September 2022. Payment method is via PayPal.

For more, see Angelo’s listing on Facebook Marketplace – HERE