Ipswich City Dirt Karts, Round 5

from Kev “The Noise” Davies

It was yet another fabulous day/night race meeting with four strokes & two strokes once again at Ipswich City Dirt Karts for round 5 of the club’s 2022 Championship.

The next Test-N-Tune is on Saturday the 13th of August. Round 6 of the 4-Stroke and 2-Stroke Championship is on Saturday the 20th of August.

(pic – Kev Davies)
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  • Race videos of the heats on Kev’s YouTube HERE

Saturday’s Round 5 results (& videos of the Features):

1st Billy Wickman
2nd Lewis Heggie
3rd Sebastian Woodrow

Sub Juniors
1st Jordan Holz
2nd Oliver Harvey
3rd Chloe Harvey

Junior One
1st Will Bryson
2nd Harrison Willis
3rd Thomas Bryson

Junior Two
1st Braxton Doyle
2nd Hayley Pick
3rd Zoya Lebar

Junior Three
1st Ryan Pick
2nd Amy Reid
3rd Liam Ioannidis

Junior 100cc
1st Kallan Manning
2nd Kacey Odger
3rd Grace Zarb


Senior Group One
1st Cam Evans-White
2nd Brandon Scott
3rd Davis Scherger

Senior Group Two
1st Brock Thornton
2nd Mark Boon
3rd Ashley Rasmussen

Group Three
1st Brett Formosa
2nd Michael Floyd

Group Four
1st David Reid
2nd Travis Pick
3rd Zeflin Beer

Modified 4-Stroke
1st Tegan Gartside
2nd Blake Formosa

Modified 2-Stroke
1st Shane Crisp
2nd Nic McDowell

Senior 100cc
1st Shane Manning
2nd Rob Dyer
3rd Larissa Manning

Senior 125cc
1st Brad Young
2nd John Wilkinson
3rd Cam Williams