Burris Supply Update

Edward Kart Wheels, the importer and distributor for Burris in Australia and New Zealand, has provided an update on the supply of Burris dirt kart tyres. Due to various issues, there is a tyre shortage in the USA and here in Australia.

“Can’t stress enough the hard work the guys are putting (in) to get this resolved” Darren from Edwards Kart wheels posted. “Any questions feel free to call us on 08 8347 1941.”

“We recognize that inventory and supply have been difficult and we have been actively working to fill the gaps and manage production to take care of the increased market demands and get tires in the hands of the racers” Burris US stated in the update.

“The past couple of years have presented challenges that no one could have predicted. Between the increased market demands, the factory fire a little more than 18 months ago and current materials shortages, we have been faced with numerous hurdles that we have been working to manage and overcome.


“We are pushing to further increase production numbers for 2022. Currently, our production focus is on the SS-33A and Outlaw Kart lines. As we get further down the road there will be other sizes and compounds added to the schedule to take care of those needs.

“At the moment, we have had to prioritize according to the current demand and backlog. There have been significant numbers of tires shipped already in 2022 with more in production that will be finding their way out into the system in the coming days and weeks.”