Driver PR: Marcus Pisani, AKC Rnd 4

Marcus Pisani headed to the final round of the Australian Kart Championship, trying to finish his season in strong fashion. Pisani has had a consistent first season in the senior ranks and has shown strong pace throughout the Australian Kart Championship.

Pisani has jumped aboard the Tecno Kart chassis under the guidance of Cspure racing. Marcus spent Friday practice building a strong set up and base for the weekends racing, coming home in position fifteen to round out the final practice session. Saturday morning Pisani was the first class out on circuit for his qualifying session and he was looking to make a strong start to the weekend. With a bumper field of thirty two drives, Marcus was inside the top fifteen looking to get himself as far up the grid as possible. The CC Racing powered karter set a time quick enough to start fourteenth on the grid. Pisani was only three tenths off second spot, showing the competitive nature of the KA3 Senior class.

(pic – Pace Images)

Pisani looked to heat one where he was trying to make his way forward. The Tecno karter dropped back to position fifteen off the start but immediately jumped back up a spot on lap two. Marcus made a move for position thirteen on lap five, making up another spot and going in chase of the top ten. Pisani crossed the line in position thirteen overall, an improved effort from his starting position.

Heat two and Marcus was once again looking to make positions forward. The CC racing powered driver jumped into thirteenth position and had the eyes forward. With great pace and strong race craft, Pisani moved forward and made his way into the top ten looking on for a strong result. Unfortunately, Marcus was shuffled back on the final lap to position twelve and due to a post-race infringement was classified in position fourteen overall to finish the heat.

Due to his opening heat finishes Pisani started out of position number twelve and settled there in the opening lap. The Tecno karter dropped back a spot before making his way back up to position eleven on lap eight looking for more positions. Marcus moved up to position nine on lap ten before dropping back to the edge of the top ten by race end. Pisani unfortunately had another drop down penalty resulting in a classification of position twelve to finish his Saturday.


Sunday morning was upon the Pisani camp and the young driver was starting out of position twelve for his final heat. The CC racing powered drive got an excellent start jumping straight up into position ten. Marcus showed great speed and maturity beyond his years to make his way up into position eight and was looking promising. In the hard racing and slick overtakes of the KA3 Senior division, Pisani dropped just outside the top ten by races end in position eleven overall in his best finish of the weekend.

The final was upon Marcus and he was looking for a clean and slick get away. The Tecno karter was straight up into position nine off the start and stayed there in the early stages. Pisani had a rough middle stages of the race, getting shuffled right back through the field to the edge of the top fifteen. Marcus put his head back down though and in a strong fight back managed to cross the line in position thirteen before a post-race penalty dropped him to fifteen overall.

Marcus spoke post weekend and was happy to be back racing in the top level karting. “It was good to be back competing in the Australian Kart Championship. For the final round I completed in the Tecno kart under the guidance of Cspure racing. I am looking forward to next year where I will be racing with Tecno Karts Australia”.

Marcus would like to thank Chris and John Schofield for all of their help and guidance, CC Racing, Tecno Kart Australia and everyone who supported him over the weekend and the 2021 season.