CRG Presents New Homologation Chassis

A new brake system with ‘adaptive brake assistant’, new aerodynamic bodywork and a new KT5 chassis are the features of CRG’s latest equipment homologation.

CRG KT5 with the new bodywork and graphics (pic – CRG)

Following inspection by the FIA at CRG’s headquarters in Italy, the company has officially presented its newly homologated chassis for the International categories.

For the four chassis already in the market, CRG has renewed the expiring homologation for the KT2 and Road Rebel, while the KT4 and Heron models still have valid homologation, but have been updated with new accessories.

Adding to these four is a completely new chassis, called KT5, that uses mostly 30mm tubing, but with the front bar of 32mm. CRG published this list of tube size for all five of its FIA homologated karts:

Road Rebel32mmALL

While the KT2 and Road Rebel retain their tube size, CRG say there have been changes in terms of geometry and accessories.

CRG is claiming it’s new brake system, called VEN 13 DD for the direct-drive categories and VEN 13 KZ for the shifter classes, can prevent axle lockup.

“The most notable novelty of these new braking systems concerns the pump, which includes an innovative system for modulating braking called ABA (adaptive brake assistant)” CRG stated.


The new CRG brake pump (pic – CRG)

“In fact, through a regulator, it will be possible to calibrate the pump, so that an internal system manages the braking force avoiding the blocking of the tires. This mechanism allows you to brake at the limit, but without reaching the locking of the tires, in order to avoid the hopping of the rear axis and the loss of grip.

“An aspect to underline is how this function can be adjusted according to the needs of the category (different powers) and the tires used (different grip), but also for the feeling sought by each individual driver.”

The system can be set to neutral (which means it will have no effect) to managing the locking when applying maximum pressure on the brake pedal.

VEN 13 uses a brand new disc design and comes with a 192mm disc as standard or with a smaller option at 180mm.

Regarding appearance, the biggest change is the new front fairing that looks wider for longer than the past and includes internal channels for the air flow.

CRG says it provides “innovative solutions for the air flows that improve not only the performance on the straight, but also when cornering, bringing benefits to the set up.”

The side pods have been re-modelled in terms of weight and tyre cooling. The new fairings will be completed by a kit of PVC stickers with renewed graphics.

The 2022 chassis will also be fitted with new pedals made of forged aluminium with a more ergonomic shape.


The new-for-2022 CRG pedals (pic – CRG)