Top Gun Dad’s Lockdown Challenge

A bunch of karting Dads will take to the track this Friday in the Top Gun Team Dads’ iRacing Challenge.

With their state in lockdown, Top Gun Racing Team’s Troy Hunt has decided “to try and create something positive for people.”

“We are going to live stream a Dad’s race on iRacing this Friday night at 7:30pm” Hunt informed KartSportNews before adding “A few beers will be involved. What can go wrong?”


The track to be used will remain unknown until the event commences. Lewis Hodgson and Cody Brewczynski will provide the commentary and the live stream link will be published on Friday (August 27).

Joe Vinci giving the advice to Dante. Now it’s Joe’s turn to steer!

Hunt has been revealing a number of the drivers on the Top Guns Facebook page. They include:

  • Joe “the stress head“ Vinci – Joe works flat out 24/7. Zero racing experience but Joe doesn’t do anything unless it’s done properly. Dante will be getting into him about hitting his apexes.
  • Tony Smead – Tony lives and breathes motorsport. Tony’s preparation on a kart is outstanding. No doubt he is doing the same on the sim!
  • Birol “the rockstar“ Sengul – Birol is a very bright character and and has had no racing experience. Trust Harris to be giving him some driver training tips over the next few days.
  • Adam “beer gut“ Brewczynski – Good for a crash, but will he take a different approach? The Mazda MX5 could be similar to his Torni 4SS.
  • Darren Cohen – Darren and Reece have travelled the world racing together and been longtime members of our team. Daz is known for a mechanical error here or there. But it’s now his turn to show us what he can do.
  • Clayton Priest – Big Clayton is known for his crafty hands and always gets us out of trouble. Plenty of racing experience for this man, but can he bring home the chocolates?

“Make sure you tune in for a bit of a laugh during your lockdown!” ~ Troy Hunt


It’s the guy without the crash helmet who will be doing the driving on Friday night.