Driver Profile: Jeff Cook

This member profile courtesy of the Queensland Superkart Club.

Queensland Superkart Club: How did you get involved in the club?

Jeff Cook: Our son had been racing karts at Xtreme and Slideways and was wanting to get into sprint karting. He saw a display the QLD Superkart Club had a Xtreme and decided straight up that the longer circuits were for him. He tested a kart at a practice day out at QR and ended up buying one of Peter Nuske’s old karts. So initiallally I was pit crew and transport driver I guess.

How did you start racing?

I watched Leighton race for a year or so and enjoyed the racing. The guys really put on some great racing. After a while I kind of thought “why should he have all the fun? I might get in on this too!” So I bought a rolling chassis from someone in the club, threw an engine on it and I was set to go racing. Before the start of the next season I had some pretty serious health issues that saw me miss the season, so by the time I got to race I was really itching to go.

What have you enjoyed the most while being part of the club?

The culture of the club is probably its biggest asset. I’ve been involved in clubs before that lose sight of what they are all about and become very “clicky” but this club really is all about its members having fun. Right from the start people were very welcoming and happy to offer help and advice.

What do you love about driving a Superkart?


I really enjoy being out on the track with my son although I pretty quickly lose sight of him. It’s cool to be racing in the same class. The challenge of learning how the kart handles and discovering how late to brake for corners is interesting. The whole day is great catching up with the other drivers and discussing results and setup changes. It’s obviously all about racing, but the race meets are a great social day out as well.

What class would you race if you had the option?

I’d like to have a crack at one of the gearbox classes. I reckon the acceleration would be awesome. Although I’m not too sure my old reflexes would be up to it.

What are your future goals?

I really have reached my goal which is to race with my son. It’s great to be able to discuss the racing at the end of the day and that’s the reason I started racing. Obviously, I want to continue sorting the kart setup and bring the lap times down but I just love racing and for me it isn’t about winning races, it’s about having fun and trying to improve without being too hung up on results.

What interests do you have outside of Superkarting?

Outside of Superkarting I have a general passion for cars and motorsports. We usually try to get to one major event each year. A few years ago we got down to the F1 which was amazing. I have a HSV which I love taking out occasionally for a drive through the mountains. I also have an adventure bike which I love hopping on and just exploring the countryside. Bit of a theme developing here! Also camping. My favourite place to camp is the eastern beach on Moreton Island. When you drive off that barge, all your cares just disappear.