Pro Tour Entry List

Rotax Pro Tour has published an 89-strong registration list for the 2021 Rotax Pro Tour, 81 of which are entered for the opening round at Warwick this coming weekend.

“We are still processing the last handful and we think we should get past the 90 mark” Pro Tour posted. “For those of you that have entered… expect some more info early in the week. For those of you we are processing still, we will be in touch Monday to confirm the missing details.”

List as at Noon, Saturday 29 May:

97 Carter Lamperd Micro
77 Blake Haigh Micro
83 Koda Singh Micro
26 Oscar Singh Micro
66 Riley Grande Micro
37 Travis Dhu Micro
Hunter Pearce Micro

48 Joel Lammers Mini
12 Ayrton Dalmaso Mini
11 Jake Santin Mini
42 Louis Brown Mini
27 Basilio Micale Mini
33 Christian Faro Mini
47 Eli Patten Mini
82 Joshua Hunter Mini
31 Jenson Burns Mini
23 Jaxson Burns Mini

5 Seth Brown Junior
18 Cohen James Day Junior
12 Armand Hamilton Junior
11 Marcel Byrne Junior
21 Braith Santin Junior
34 Alexander Stephan Junior
10 Isaac McNeill Junior
25 Kayden Thompson Junior
29 Imogen Radburn Junior
87 Max Gommers Junior
97 Matthew Hansford-Taylor Junior
8 Oliver Estasy Junior
28 Christian Estasy Junior
44 Lachlan Bourke Junior
33 Lana Aylen Junior
43 Costa Toparis Junior
68 Max Walton Junior
Ryan MacMillan Junior


22 Zane Morrison Max Light
27 Ryan Laycock Max Light
10 Beau Pronesti Max Light
78 Shane Petersen Max Light
24 Mark Flood Max Light
44 Tyler Howard Max Light
75 Brent McIntosh Max Light
26 Toby Webb Max Light
16 Hamish Fitzsimmons Max Light
15 Ryan Hadden Max Light
18 Alexander Hadden Max Light
23 Hayden Cox Max Light
95 William Seal Max Light
4 Joshua Staples Max Light
57 Kurtis Tennant Max Light
35 Scott Hargans Max Light
8 Bailey Sagaidak Max Light
81 Tom McLennan Max Light
7 Mitchell Bensley Max Light
6 Timothy Aebi Max Light
97 Harrison Hoey Max Light
Taylah Agius Max Light
86 Marc Tulloch Max Light
Tayla Harnas Max Light

22 Regan Payne Max Heavy
1 Lane Moore Max Heavy
18 Jarad Neinert Max Heavy
62 Brett Shailes Max Heavy
55 Shane Castle Max Heavy
12 Matthew Lopino Max Heavy
35 Gavin Whitmore Max Heavy
33 Matt Greenbury Max Heavy
21 Danny Wright Max Heavy
7 Wagner Eduardo Cardoso Max Heavy
31 Brock Stinson Max Heavy
78 Andrew Gilliam Max Heavy
4 Zac Van Leeuwestyn Max Heavy
37 Finlay Derry Max Heavy
24 Chris Farkas Max Heavy
68 Kris Walton Max Heavy
91 Evan Broughton Max Heavy
Lee Black Max Heavy

71 Jonathon Marcusson DD2
47 Troy Morrissey DD2
93 Marcello Surace DD2
98 Jaie Robson DD2
32 Joshua Bethune DD2
33 Bejay Flannery DD2

14 Scott Cleveland DD2 Master
12 Terry Hanly DD2 Master
43 Chris Board DD2 Master
5 Nathan Taylor DD2 Master
22 Danny Wright DD2 Master
82 Trevor Whitby DD2 Master
1 Troy Bretherton DD2 Master
39 Scott Howard DD2 Master