Driver PR: Reece Cohen, KZ2 Super Series

Reece Cohen was a man on a mission this season in the Karting New South Wales KZ2 Super Series.

Pole Position and round victory at the opening round of the series at the Wollongong Kart Club, got Reece of to a great start. Another dominate weekend at the Combined Districts Kart Club in round two has the CRG Australia Sponsored driver in a great championship position.

He took to the third round of the series at the Canberra Kart Club over the weekend. Cohen wasn’t able to get any practice in on Saturday, going straight into qualifying in what was going to be a tough session with no practice the day before. Cohen hit the track in his Topgun Driver Academy backed entry and was pushing towards the top five in the session. With a field of near fifteen drivers, Cohen made up quick ground on the other drivers who had Saturday practice and qualified in position five for the opening heat.

(pic – Pace Images)

Reece’s aim was to make up progress in the opening heat and build on his strong championship position. Heat one and Cohen was looking to get a clean launch away and make up ground over the race. With a clean opening lap, the Modena Engines powered driver settled in position five but on lap two made a move into position four. Reece then charged after the two karts battling in front of him and was looking to make up more positions. In a super bit of driving the DMC Security sponsored entry made a double overtake under brakes and went up to second position. Cohen came home in position two for the race in a great heat race for the Australian Kart Championship round winner.

Out of position six for heat two Cohen achieved another clean get away but on lap two was involved in an incident. Into the sharp right hander at turn five, the CRG Australia backed driver made another double overtake but leaving the corner had one of the competitors drive on the back of him. Reece was able to get momentum back and stay in fourth position. Due to this incident the Topgun Driver Academy backed entry had lost ground to the top three. Cohen showed great pace setting the fastest lap on the way, coming home in fourth position overall.


The prefinal Reece was out of position three due to his opening heat race results. The Modena Engines backed entry got a lighting jump and went around the outside of the front row and lead into the opening turn. Cohen had pressure in the early laps of the race with championship rival Cody Maynes-Rutty but in the back end of the race was able to open up the margin. The DMC Security backed entry was able to get his first win of the day and saved his tyre life in the back end of the race putting himself in a good position for the final.

Cohen was off pole position for his final and got a clean get away leading out of the opening corner. In the first half of the race the CRG Australia backed driver was under increasing pressure from his team mate Aron Shields. Reece showed great experience and calmness not over racing on the tyres and holding onto the lead in the process. The Topgun Academy backed entry was able to drive away in the second half of the final and take his third consecutive round win in the Karting New South Wales KZ2 Super Series.

Reece father Darren spoke post-race of the improvement throughout the day. “Unfortunately, there was no practice for us on Saturday. He did a great job in the heats and was able to save his tyres well in the finals and come away with another win which was great”.

Cohen will next hit the track for the Premier State Cup this weekend at Bega.