Qld Superkarts Last Dance for 2020

words – Caitlin Lane  
images – Action Sports Photography Australia

For the second round of racing this year, the QLD Superkart Club headed to the scenic Lakeside International Raceway for another day of high speed contests and battles.

At the end of a day that had lots of very close racing, the TAG Light class we would see first and second tied on 956 points with third place only 6 points behind. Read on to find out who took home the spoils.

Chryss Jamieson leads Johnny La Spina (pic – ASPA)


Practice and qualifying were merged into one session at this round, with those just looking to qualify putting in a few good fast laps while those who wanted to re familiarize themselves with the track, using the full 15 minutes of track time to do both.  Due to Covid and track time being at a premium this year, for first time in several years, all five classes were combined and took to the track at the same time.  While there were some concern about the faster paced karts lapping the slower karts during the race, the only incident of the day was in qualifying, when Russell Jamison in his 125cc kart, went to pass a TAG Heavy around the outside approaching Hungry. Glenn moved over to take his line unfortunately making contact with Russell. Glenn was able to continue but Russell made contact with the wall and slid down it damaging the front of his kart.  Johnny in his 250cc National also had an incident in qualifying when his engine seized due to fuel issues but he spun harmlessly off at Carousel. 

Lined up ready for the qualifying session (pic – ASPA)

The rest of qualifying was incident free with #89 Tim Weier taking pole position from #87 Gareth Crisp and  #79 Steve Cloak in his 250cc Twin.  Before his engine seize #27 Johnny La Spina had set the 3rd fastest time in qualifying but would have to sit out the first race while his engine was repaired.  #32 Russell Jamieson was the fastest in the 125cc class, showing impressive pace before the damage done to his kart also meant he didn’t make the grid for the first race either.  #16 Peter Nuske in TAG Light and #33 David Dyson in TAG Heavy mixed it up with the 125cc Gearbox Karts of  #86 Chyrss Jamieson   #46 Doug Amiss and  #7Alex Hussey,  #6 Jonathan Bothamely and  #8 Todd Bothamley.   #20 Glen Wiggins in TAG Heavy qualified in front of the rest of the TAG Light Karts of  #66 Amber Bothamley,  #54 Jeff Cook and  #45 Leighton Cook. The unusual qualifying results was maybe a sign of everyone still being a bit rusty having not had much seat time in 2020 but this would lead to some exciting race results!

Race 1:

In the first race Steve Cloake started from the front row of the grid to lead the field into Carousel and it took Tim 2 laps before he could pass him executing a text book pass down the inside into Hungary from here he was able to lap consistently in the 55’s and clear out to a comfy win, lapping Leighton Cook, Glenn Wiggins and Amber Bothamley in the process.  Tim set a fastest time of 0:55:4664 on his way to the chequered flag ahead Gareth Crisp and Doug Amiss who crossed the line in top spot in the 125cc class with a fastest lap of 0:58:2749.  He was followed by Steve Cloake.  Chryss Jamieson and Jonathan Bothamley enjoyed a good dice with Jonathan just getting the better of Chyrss on the line. The Tag Heavy and Lights mixed it up with  #33 David Dyson next across the line ahead of   #45Leighton Cook,   #20 Glenn Wiggins and   #66 Amber Bothamley,     #16 Peter Nuske,  #7 Alex Hussey,  #8 Todd Bothamley and  #54 Jeff Cook  had  DNF’s a mix of engine dramas and mechanical breakages.

Tim Weier on the line at Hungry Corner (pic – ASPA)

Race 2:

With only 4 Categories competing at Lakeside on the day it was only a short break before the Superkarts headed out for their second race of the day.  This time was well used however as Chyrss welded the A frame back onto Russell’s kart and did a wheel alignment impressive to see how quickly it was repaired.  Russell fibreglassesed the nose cone mounts and taped up the damage to the nose in time to grid up for the second race as did Johnny after his engine had also repaired.   Timothy Weier again showed a clean pair of heels to the rest of the field and after consistently circulating doing around in high 55 second laps and lapping the slower classes took the chequered flag ahead of Gareth Crisp.  Johnny, after starting at the back of the grid due to changing his piston and wanting to run it in and avoid another sieze, worked his way through the field and  wasn’t far behind Gareth in third. He raised his hand jubilantly as he went passed his cheering supporters on his slow down lap relieved to have finished and showing promising pace for the final races.  


There were action packed jousts in the 125 National and TAG classes with Doug Amiss finishing comfortably ahead of Jonathan Bothamley in the 125cc Gearbox Class, Steve Cloake crossed next in his 250 Inter.  He had chosen not to do one of his brilliant starts but rather to let the 250cc National drivers get out and dice amongst themselves. Unfortunately Gareth Crisp who was in front of him on the grid, bogged down on the start baulking him and Steve watched quite a few of the 125cc Karters sail past him. However he did finish ahead of Russell Jamison and #86 Chryss Jamieson. The TAG Heavy and Light Class entertained us with the usual close racing before  Peter Nuske pulled away to break the draft and finished in top spot for the TAG Light class and  David Dyson claiming the win for the TAG Heavy class in front of  Glenn Wiggins and Amber Bothamley not far behind.. Unfortunately Leighton Cook, Lindsey Jamieson and Jeff Cook had DNF’s.

Returning to the pits, #66 Amber Bothamley, #79 Steve Cloake (pic – ASPA)

Race 3:

With the lunch break behind us and Gareth using this time to put new tyres on, it was time to hit the track for the second last race of the 2020 season.  Tim Weier got a good start off the line and put on a bit of a gap to Gareth Crisp and Johnny la Spina who were challenging each other for 2nd place.  John would go on to finish in second behind Tim as Gareth had end up with a DNF after three unrelated issues, he had a slow leak in his rear tyre, he tried to pass a kart around the outside through Hungry and got a bit of air when he went onto the grass and also had his steering rack came loose.  Doug Amiss continued on his winning way crossing the finish line ahead of Russell Jamieson and Chryss Jamieson who did their best to keep him honest throughout the race with Doug only managing to stretch the gap out in the last 3 laps. Steve Cloake finished behind them.  After more of the close racing we have come to expect from these two classes Peter Nuske (TAG Light) and David Dyson (TAG Heavy) put on a masterclass of tight and clean racing.  Ultimately Peter would grab the win only 0.1 seconds between them at the line and both drivers couldn’t stop talking about how good it was when they got back to the pits!   Leighton Cook, Glenn Wiggins and Amber Bothamley the next to finish with Glenn and Amber both lowering their PB’s all day as they came to grips with the track.  Jonathan Bothamley and Todd Bothamley both recorded DNF’s.

Doug Amiss on the slide at Eastern Loop (pic – ASPA)

Race 4:

Race 4 and not only the final race for the day but the final race for the year saw Johnny La Spina get a good start from the front row of the grid to lead into Carousel and hang onto his lead for almost 2 laps before Tim Weier put on a committed pass on him into the carousel and a lap later Gareth Crisp.  Gareth then passed Tim but as they came down the hill from Eastern Loop Gareth’s engine cut out, Tim had a heart stopping moment avoiding Gareth and retook the lead and Johnny also passed him at this point.  Gareth was able to refire his engine and chased back after first Johnny. They were racing as they caught up with a Rotax as they were heading towards Hungry.  They both went to the outside of the Rotax with Gareth then cutting under Johnny going through Hungry and then went after Tim again.  He caught him up with about 3 laps to go and he and Tim had a good dice swapping the lead but with Gareth finishing just in front of him to get his first win for the day. Tim’s second place though along with the 3 wins would see him take out 1st place overall for the weekend.

The 125 TaG boys chase each other, David Dyson ahead of Peter Nuske and Glenn Wiggins (pic – ASPA)

There was another close call in this race when Steve Cloake had an engine lock up in front of Peter Nuske forcing Peter to take to the grass on the outside of carousel to avoid hitting him this cost him a lot of time though. Doug Amiss just managed to finish in front of Russell Jamieson with only 0.8 between them at the line impressive performance from Russell given only a few hours early they were welding the front corner back on!  That win meant Doug made it four from four for the day with Chryss Jamieson close on their heels. The pace was fierce again in the TAG Light and Heavy classes with all competitors fighting hard producing some highly enjoyable racing and an even closer finish with. David Dyson crossing the line .0055 seconds in front of Leighton Cook.   Peter Nuske tried to claw the back ground lost earlier but had to settle for third this time, Glenn Wiggins and Amber Bothamley rounded out the placings. At the end of this race Leighton Cook and Peter Nuske were tied on points for first with Leighton taking the overall win his first round victory as the Tie-Breaker is who finished higher in the last race.    Amber Bothamley finished only 6 points behind them which is mighty impressive given this was only her second race meeting well done Amber and look out guys next year.  Steve Cloake and Todd Bothamley had DNF’s.

This Round and only our 2nd for the year is the end of our Race Season for 2020. While we would have preferred to have been able to race our normal race calendar we are grateful that we were able to get some track time this year.  It has been great being back on the track with the regulars and also seeing a few faces we haven’t seen for a while out there to. So thanks to everyone for coming out, thanks for all the good and close racing and here’s to next year and hopefully more rounds. 

As short as the season was the racing was highly enjoyable and we as a Club would also like to thank all the Supporters, Media and Officials for their support.

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