Bathurst Club Calls for Support

Bathurst Kart Club posted an update on social media today calling for community to support its plan of having a new kart circuit on Mount Panorama.


The Bathurst Kart Club has received an overwhelmingly positive response to the karting track development at the top of Mount Panorama. Thank you to everyone who has offered their support, well wishes, and words of encouragement.

We’ve spoken to many of you in the community about the benefits and opportunities that will grow from this new sporting facility – it will stimulate the local economy, give a boost to Bathurst businesses, and involve people and groups across the community.

Some of the things we’ve talked about with you are:


  • The fact Bathurst is a sporting town and we have shown time and time again that our first-class facilities can successfully host large-scale events, such as the Bathurst 1000, Gold Crown Carnival, and NRL games.
  • The fact the construction of this track will create local jobs.
  • The fact the development, operation, and patronage of this track is no different to any other community sporting facility, oval, pitch, ground, complex, or club in Bathurst.
  • The fact this track is already drawing the attention of karters from across Australia, the US, and Europe.
  • The fact local businesses and community groups will be invited to provide goods and services at race meetings, such as catering/food vans and equipment hire.
  • The fact this track will create additional economic income for the city through the attraction of visitors who will stay in Bathurst motels, eat at local restaurants, shop, fill up with petrol, and visit other attractions around the city.
  • The fact we have an opportunity to nurture our future generation of local racing legends atop Mount Panorama.
  • The fact the community – especially our young girls and boys – can use this track to pursue karting as a hobby or career, or as a resource for general driver education and road safety.

For 20 years, the Bathurst Kart Club has been trying to secure a home. Five years ago, we found it at the top of Mount Panorama. We know this site is backed by research and the results of various assessments and surveys. We remain confident this is the right place for the track, and look forward to turning the first sod soon.

Not everyone loves motorsport like we do, nor does everyone agree with the chosen site. And that’s ok. But if you hear someone say our club is ”exclusive”, “private”, or that we’re a bunch of “rednecks”, do us a favour and remind them we’re an inclusive club run by the community for the community. We welcome all ages, genders, and abilities.

Remind them we belong to the Bathurst community too – we’re business owners, tradies, daughters, teachers, hospitality workers, soccer players.

Remind them we are a network of passionate people who just want to share our love of the sport. Just like any other sporting club.

Remind them karting teaches discipline, concentration, strategy, teamwork, and above all, respect. We respect that people have their opinions on the location of this track, but please do not make personal attacks against our club, its members, or their character. It is unkind and not in the spirit of this community we love so much.

If you love karting as much as we do – if you want to see Bathurst prosper as much as we do – please continue giving us your support. Share this post, tag your mates, and let’s get racing!

Mark Dunbar
Bathurst Kart Club President