QR-Codes for KNSW

From July 1st, Karting NSW will be required by law to keep a record of all spectators and participants attending KNSW sanctioned events.

The organisation will do this via the deployment of the ‘KNSW Covid-19 QR Code System‘.

“It will allow for contactless check-in using QR Codes at all KNSW sanctioned events” said KNSW Competition Director, Nick Becker.


QR stands for ‘quick response’ and is a new version of scanning code that is faster and more reliable than traditional bar codes.  

KNSW will provide further information and FAQs about the KNSW Covid-19 QR Code System over the coming weeks, prior to its implementation on 01 July 2020.


  • Karting NSW has released a new version of its Guidelines To Reduce COVID-19 Risk for events from 1/7/20 onward. Go HERE to read the 13-page document.