AIDKA Return To Racing Update

The Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association has today published an update of where the return to racing stands for the organisation in the various states in which it has clubs.

Update as of 5th June 2020

  • NT – are off and racing
  • WA – Education days only with up to 45 Karts. Maximum 100
    people including officials. (1 Kart = 1 Driver + 1 Crew)
  • SA – Education days only with up to 40 Karts. Maximum 80
    people plus officials. (1 Kart = 1 Driver + 1 Crew)
  • QLD – Still no track activity at this stage

from AIDKA Facebook:

Every club must complete their required ‘Covid Safe Plan’ and submit to their local Government authority for approval. You must have this available at the club and send a copy, once approved, to AIDKA Secretary prior to any track activity.

All Persons entering a kart premises must complete the required ‘Contact Tracing form’.

Normal Race/Education day AIDKA rules must be adhered to.

Canteens may be opened with restrictions.


Certain areas of the premises may be restricted or closed. Please respect these restrictions.

Pit area has restrictions that each individual site must be a minimum of 3 metres from any other site.

It is your duty, as members and clubs, to practice social distancing (1.5 metres) and good hygiene as much as practical.

All additional education days must be approved by AIDKA calendar committee.

We highly recommend that all nominations are received prior to meeting to control numbers.

Clubs with over-prescribed numbers of nominations can organise multiple sessions on the one day. (eg. Morning and afternoon sessions). The pit area must be cleared before second session participants can enter. Please allow a minimum of one hour between sessions.

The same Officials/volunteers are allowed for both sessions.

Clubs have been given detailed requirements and will advise all members and visitors of their clubs’ individual restrictions when required. Please respect these restrictions as most are probably not their choice.