FIA Open Ethics & Compliance Hotline

The FIA has opened an ethics and compliance hotline. It gives anyone the opportunity to report breaches relating to regulations, misconduct, manipulation of results, drug use plus a whole lot more.

“It is part of the mission of the FIA to safeguard the integrity and reputation of motorsport and automobile mobility worldwide” an FIA statement read.

“Our zero-tolerance approach toward misconduct lead us to implement the FIA Ethics and Compliance Hotline.”


Through the hotline, anyone can now report suspicious behaviour or concerns of misconduct activities regarding:

  • Alleged violations of the FIA ethical principles (these include financial misconduct or other legal, regulatory and ethical breaches);
  • Alleged issues related to sport integrity and/or manipulation of competitions
  • Alleged violations of the FIA anti-doping regulations

How to access the new hotline

The new tool is fully operational and accessible via the FIA website

The reporting is guided by a set of questions, which facilitate categorisation of the incident, and the gathering of important facts and, where available, evidence.


Screen capture of the 4-step process to lodge a case.