April Fools Flashback – 2015

In 2015, Formula One introduced a new rule mandating drivers could only have one helmet design they had to use for the full season – no more changing up the livery every second event.

At the time, several people in karting were expressing concern that Karting Australia was trying to make the sport – for want of a better term – too professional.

So we thought, why not have KA and the rest follow F1 with this questionable ruling…


Karting Associations Enforce Helmet Design Ban

A number of the sanctioning bodies for karting in Australia have agreed to enforce a ban on mid-season helmet design changes, just like what is happening in Formula One this year.

A secret telephone hookup allegedly took place last month with key representatives of Karting Australian, AIDKA, the four-stroke clubs and CAMS (representing Superkarting) contributing to the discussion.


Unbelievably, there was unanimous agreement to enforce the design change ban, starting today.

“It’s common knowledge that karters are all aspiring F1 drivers” the group told KartSportNews. “If they are aiming for Formula One, they need to become familiar with following F1-type rules and procedures. We are training them to be the professionals of the future.”

When challenged that most karters are actually in the sport because it’s simply a level of motor racing they can afford, there was no response.

As from today’s date, karters at all levels of the sport will be required to submit their helmet design for approval before it can use be used in competition.

From this time next year (ie 1 April 2016), the design application must be accompanied by an as yet determined fee that, so they say, “will be used to assist Australians in international competitions.”

No two drivers in the one class can have the same design, and it will be a case of ‘first in, best dressed’.

More detail on this breaking story is expected later today.