Karting Australia Launches Officials’ Academy

Karting Australia has launched a market-leading Online Officials Training Academy thanks to a new partnership with Rosche Paper.

The ground-breaking Academy for Australian karting will see Officials from all across Australia be able to undertake training on a regular basis to compliment the traditional ‘face-to-face’ training that takes place annually, or bi-annually, in each State.

The Officials Academy features multiple programs including the core officiating courses – Stewarding, Technical and other segments, it will provide a new fresh look at providing Karting Australia Officials with the best tools and education through the latest online technology.  Following the principle of 1 Sport – 1 Rule Book, all Officials will now receive consistency of message with everyone able to access exactly the same content in each Course 

Launched initially with five separate courses, the Officials Academy will cater for various levels of Officials – from beginners to the highest grade in the sport.  The initial focus is on introductory courses.

Karting Australia Chief Executive Officer Kelvin O’Reilly is excited about the potential of the new program to further improve upon karting officiating and the partnership with Rosche Paper that has enabled it all to happen.

“Providing our Officials with the best possible training has always been a high priority for us at Karting Australia and the launch of our Officials Academy that utilises world-class front and back end software for Online Training takes this to a whole new level,” said O’Reilly.

“One of the key focuses for the Academy is to ensure the sport of karting adapts to the modern world and the training is available to be completed on a phone, tablet or computer at any time by our Officials.


“Let’s face it, many of our team of committed Officials aren’t getting any younger and there’s not a lot of younger faces coming through the ranks – it’s something that all sports are currently challenged with.  We’re very focused on providing the training for our younger people so that they can lead our sport well into the future. They can do it on their mobile devices and lend a hand to our sport.

“With the Karting Australia Online Officials Academy, it can be completed at a time that suits the participant and they can also continue to refresh their skills and progress rather than needing to wait for periods of time for face-to-face training.

“I’d like to thank Rosche Paper, and particularly Damien Flack, for their vision in seeing the potential in the program to support it.”

For Rosche Paper’s owner Damien Flack, the opportunity to partner with Karting Australia for the Online Officials Training Academy is one that he believes will provide a long-time benefit for the sport.

“If I can be a part of improving the sport of karting and the level of education for our Officials then I’m all for it,” said Flack.

“To be able to have the best trained Officials is something that everyone in the sport will benefit from and I’m looking forward to being a part of the journey that will provide a platform to benefit karting for the long-term.”

The Karting Australia Officials Academy is now online now. Anyone who wants to become an Official, or are already an accredited Official who wants to upskill themselves, can enrol now by sending their Name, Email address, State and Club to OfficialsAcademy@karting.net.au