2020 Tony Kart Nordix

Tony Kart Australia has received more information from the Tony Kart factory regarding the 2020 Nordix chassis.

This is the chassis for the KA4 Junior Light class.

First shipment is due to arrive in January – further information (or to reserve one for your kid), contact Tony Kart Australia.

Some detail about the chassis:


  • Completely new chassis design
  • 1010mm wheelbase
  • BSM4 brake system with 160 x 10mm brake disc
  • M8 nassau panel (smaller version of the senior M7)
  • M8 nosecone (smaller version of the senior M6)
  • M4 sidepods
  • Plastic rear bumper bar
  • Mini high grip steering wheel (smaller version of the senior one)
  • Angled steering boss included
  • Adjustable heel rest is standard
  • Will come in 30mm or 40mm versions

Tony Kart Australia

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Braeside VIC 3195

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