IAME International Wrap

James Wharton was the only Australian to make the finals at the 2019 IAME International Final at Le Mans this past week.

A couple of heat wins and third in the pre-final gave Wharton hope, but a push-and-shove Junior final saw him drop drop to 13th by the end.

James Wharton

Special mention for Cody Gillis, big drive in Final-B to take the win and transfer to the main X30 Senior final, however a post-race nosecone penalty dropped him to 6th and therefore out of the event.


Similarly in X30 Master, Mark Domaschenz was on target to qualify for the final until a last heat DNF forced him into final-B, where he finished second.

X30 Mini (70 entrants)

  • James Anagnostiadis (Kart Republic) – Q23. Heats: 9, 24, 32(p). Ranking: 42. Final B: 10th

X30 Junior (108 entrants)

  • James Wharton (Parolin) – Q24. Heats: 3, 1, 1, 3, 4. Ranking: 3. Pre-final: 3 Final: 13th.
  • Marcos Flack (Energy) – Q90. Heats: 21, 26, 34(dnf), 20, 26. Ranking: 81. Final-C: 10th(p).

X30 Senior (134 entrants)

  • Cody Gillis (Kosmic) – Q43. Heats: 10(p), 9, 14(p), 12(p), 8, 25(p), 8. Ranking: 40. Final-B: 6th(p)
  • Jack Bell (Tony Kart) – Q93. Heats: 22, 27(p), 15, 7, 17, 3, 14(p). Ranking: 52. Final-B: 16th(p)
  • Ray Yu Wang (Tony Kart) – Q88. Heats: 31, 22, 9, 20, 20, 27(p), 14. Ranking: 81. Final-C: 13th(p)

X30 Master (59 entrants)

  • Mark Domaschenz (Kosmic) – Q14. Heats: 11, 14, 29(dnf). Ranking: 37. Final B: 2nd.

Race reports and photos for each of the class finals can be found on the event’s website HERE.

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