New Komet Tyre

IAME has announced two new compounds in its range of Komet Tyres for 2020 – K2H (hard) and K2M (medium). The H is focused around the X30 classes, and will be used at next year’s IAME International Final, while the M is for the OK and KZ categories.

IAME press

After three years of development we are very excited to launch our brand new K2H and K2M products for 2020!

A new era for Komet

The K2H and K2M present a hard and medium compound of tyre and although the performance between them are of course different, they both carry an embedded ethos of sustainability. Our experience and understanding of the sport has helped us recognise areas of improvement and we have concentrated on those in the K2 range without sacrificing performance elsewhere.


The K2H is the new hard tyre and is the result of three years’ development from our highly regarded K1H tyre used worldwide. We have taken the time to carefully listen to the demands of our customers and introduce any required changes. All development and improvements have been made to satisfy requests around performance all making for a vastly improved product compared to three years ago.

K2H – red logo

One area that has been closely worked on has been performance duration. We have been able to improve performance whilst maintaining consistency, creating a well rounded product which is tailored to a wider range of conditions. Often improved performance comes with a sacrifice, but we have been able to find a balance which prevents this from happening.


With the tyre focused around the X30 classes it will be particularly useful for next years IAME International Final with lots of racing over a week putting a huge amount of strain on the tyres. It will help maintain the level of standard we have come to expect at the Finals and make the racing even more exciting.

With the K2H now offering a larger operational range we believe over three years we have been able to develop one of the best Karting tyres on the market.


The K2M is the new medium tyre and is designed to suit demanding classes such as the OK and KZ. Being faster categories they require a tyre with higher levels of grip and the K2M delivers that in its high performance with plenty of grip and handling available.

K2M – yellow logo

Like the K2H, one feature that has been heavily worked on is the sustainability of the tyre, preventing a big drop off in grip. We have looked to make the product more durable and create a level of performance that is constant throughout the life of the tyre.

Having this available will be extremely useful for drivers in the OK and KZ classes when competing in lengthy races on an extremely grippy surface. It will give competitors the best possible driving experience in 2020 and will provide an excellent choice to skilled drivers.

Race ready

The new range is complete with a new image and design helping us highlight a new era for Komet.

The brand new K2H and K2M will be available later this year, from as early as November.