QLD State Kart Championship Final

by Kev “The Noise” Davies

Well the dust has settled “literally” on another fantastic Queensland Kart Championship!

First of all a shout out to the Whitsundays Kart Club who hosted a fabulous first round up there at Proserpine where many of us used the away trip as a holiday as well! They gave us a fabulous first round event against all the odds with the weather gods trying to intervene.

  • Lots of photos from the event on Kev The Noise Davies Facebook page HERE, HERE and HERE.
  • full results on speedhive HERE. The nine classes attracted 126 entries.

So, onto the round 2 event – the Molecule 2019 Queensland Kart Championship where round winners were awarded the best trophies I’ve seen yet at any event. State Champions were crowned by molecule representative Colin Palmer & the mayor of Gympie region, Mick Curran.

Cooloola Coast kart track shines indeed, with new levelled pit area, tarmac layed up the hill to the canteen, track prepared and looking immaculate, and to top it off, a commentator’s tower with a bird’s eye view of the entire circuit!

A huge shout out to Glen Jaques (President of the club) and Darren Smith (Vice President) who, with an army of members & volunteers, have got the track up to a magnificent standard.

Before we go into the racing results, a big thanks also to the officials and stewards who came from far & wide. Thanks to the medical team, Marnie O’Neill, who was kept busy. Thanks to the canteen staff who worked tirelessly all weekend – and trust me that’s not easy, I’ve done it a few times at Warwick and it’s very tiring work!

Ok, so who were the names you heard in support of the event? Let’s run through them:

Molecule Performance cleaning products came on board and sponsored the main straight, the TaG Light class, the KA3 Senior Light class and were also title sponsors of the event!

  • Simply Cool came on board and sponsored the Cadet 9 class
  • Zuce sponsored the TaG Restricted Light class
  • The KA3 Junior class was sponsored by Cassa Building Group
  • The TaG Restricted Medium class was sponsored by N R G Health clubs
  • Spray Tech sponsored the KA4 Juniors
  • Our international driver from Team Gavarni, Gaven Whitmore, sponsored the Cadet 12s
  • And the KA Senior Mediums were sponsored by Brisbane Road Auto Electrics

Ok, so onto the results. For the Cooloola round 2 results only:

TaG Restricted Light
Fastest qualifier : Paul McNeil
3rd place: Adam Strohfeldt
2nd place: Liam Moyse
1st place: Paul McNeil

KA3 Senior Medium
Fastest qualifier: Zari Patrick
3rd place: Adam Stroud
2nd place: Wayne Ohl
1st place: Zari Patrick

Cadet 9
Fastest qualifier: Patrick Buckley
3rd place: Jenson Burns
2nd place: Ky Burke
1st place: Patrick Buckley

KA3 Junior
Fastest qualifier: Luke Pink
3rd place: Brody Sonter
2nd place: Zane Rinaldi
1st place: Luke pink

TaG Restricted Medium
Fastest qualifier: Gaven Whitmore
3rd place: Rudy Farkas
2nd place: Jamie Page
1st place: Gaven whitmore


KA3 Senior Light
Fastest qualifier: Sam Seccombe
3rd place: Alexander Hadden
2nd place: Declan Matthews
1st place: Harrison Hoey

TaG Light
Fastest qualifier: Dylan Rudd
3rd place: Jarrod Hughes
2nd place: Thomas Cooper
1st place: Dylan Rudd

Cadet 12
Fastest qualifier: Max Walton
3rd place: Michael Janusz
2nd place: Max Walton
1st place: Mika Lemasurier

KA4 Junior
Fastest qualifier: Carter Mobbs
3rd place: Carter Mobbs
2nd place: Kurtis Tennant
1st place: Nathan Brien

Congratulations to all those place getters & winners.

Moving onto the Queensland Kart Championship overall winners!

Cadet 9
1. Jaxson BURNS
2. Jenson BURNS

Cadet 12
1. Michael JANUSZ
2. Lachlan PLATTEN

KA4 Junior Light
1. Nathan BRIEN
2. Kurtis TENNANT

KA3 Junior
1. Luke PINK
3. Stewart HARE

KA3 Senior Light
1. Harrison HOEY
2. Alexander HADDEN
3. Declan MATTHEWS

KA3 Senior Medium
1. Craig BUTLER
2. Wayne OHL
3. Richard DUNSTON

Restricted 125 Light
1. Paul MCNEIL
2. Liam MOYSE
3. Melanya RUDD

Restricted 125 Medium
2. Brett WELLS

TaG 125 Light
1. Dylan RUDD
2. Thomas COOPER

Bring on 2020 it’s gonna be huge!

The NOISE, over and out…