Bugler Tops Scores at Sunbelts

Daniel Bugler made every post a winning one at this year’s HighRev Central New Zealand Sunbelts Sprint Championships kart race event in Nelson and Blenheim over Queen’s Birthday, leading home all nine heat races to take the Open class title with the only perfect score of the weekend.

Daniel Bugler, Open class winner (pic – Fast Company/Ben Henry)

Karters from all over New Zealand converged on Nelson on Saturday and Blenheim on Sunday for the 34th annual two-day Sunbelts meeting hosted jointly by the KartSport Nelson and KartSport Marlborough clubs at their tracks in Nelson and Blenheim.

This year’s event attracted over 80 entries with drivers coming from as far afield as Invercargill and Auckland to compete.

Kevin Barker (#15) leads the start of Rotax Max Heavy (pic – Fast Company/Ben Henry)

The action kicked off at KartSport Nelson’s The Hits Opel Industries Kart Raceway on Saturday then continued at the KartSport Marlborough Club’s Cresswell Electrical Raceway in Blenheim on Sunday.

Bugler was one of eight class winners at the meeting. The complete list was;

  • Open class – Daniel Bugler
  • Rotax Max Heavy – Andrew Broughton
  • Rotax Max Light – William Exton
  • ClubSport Briggs LO206 Light – Jason Richards
  • ClubSport Briggs LO206 Heavy – Kayden Richards
  • Rotax Max Junior – Bo Hill
  • Vortex Mini ROK – Louis Sharp
  • Cadet ROK – Zach Turner
Cadet ROK, Zach Tucker (#33), Marco Manson (#25) and Lakyn Thompson (pic – Fast Company/Ben Henry)

Each day of racing also carried points for this year’s McLaren Racing Mainland Series.

With former KartSport Marlborough club member Daniel Bugler now living in Auckland and not entered for the six-round/three meeting Mainland Series, Open class Sunbelts event runner-up Jack Noble-Adams from Christchurch inherits the top spot in the class standings after the first two rounds.

The full list of McLaren Racing Mainland Series class points leaders after the Sunbelts event is;

  • Open – Jack Noble-Adams
  • Rotax Max Heavy – Andrew Broughton
  • Rotax Max Light – William Exton
  • ClubSport Briggs LO206 Light – Blake Greenfield
  • ClubSport Briggs LO206 Heavy – Mike Kendrick
  • Rotax Max Junior – Bo Hill
  • Vortex Mini ROK – Louis Sharp
  • Cadet ROK – Zach Tucker
Andrew Broughton, 1st Rotax Max Heavy (pic – Fast Company/Ben Henry)

2019 HighRev Sunbelt Sprint Championships meeting Nelson/Blenheim June 01/02 2019



1. Daniel Bugler; 2. Jack Noble-Adams; 3. Tony Dyer; 4. Marco Schelp.

Rotax Max Heavy


1. Andrew Broughton; 2. Arron Black; 3. Kevin Barker; 4. Ben Stilborn; 5. Kyle Rankin; 6. Bryce Borlase.

Rotax Max Light

1. William Exton; 2.  Fynn Osborne; 3. Sam Waddell; 4. Jack Noble-Adams; 5. Jack McLaren; 6. Ethan Tuffley.

Rotax Max Jnr

1. Bo Hill; 2. Clay Osborne; 3. Alex Patrick; 4. Jacob Douglas; 5. Liam Pink; 6. Marissa Ahlfeld.

Vortex Mini ROK

1. Louis Sharp; 2. Sebastian Manson; 3. Blake Knowles; 4. Lochy McGregor; 5. Chris White; 6. Johan Roberts.

Cadet ROK

1. Zach Tucker; 2. Marco Manson; 3. Izaak Fletcher; 4. Arthur Broughan; 5. Zavier Harvey; 6. Kohen Thompson.

ClubSport LO206 Light

1. Jason Richards; 2. Kennedy Stratford; 3. Cory Crossan; 4. Rob Frans; 5. Blake Greenfield; 6. Adam Geary.

ClubSport LO206 Heavy

1. Kayden Richards; 2. Kohu Whalon; 3. Taylor Forbes; 4. Mike Kendrick; 5. Anton Rasmussen; 6. Damian Hill.