Lots of Newbies at Pines Classic

by Dave Camwell, Karting SA

55 drivers rocked up to tackle the Monarto “C” track in the anti-clockwise direction of racing for the 2019 edition of the Pines Classic.

The track presented itself well, however the conditions were a little touch and go weather wise. The officials called it early and declared the track wet, fortunately the rain never came which made for some good close action on track.

A lot of P-plate drivers in 4SS

Something must be going right within the state as 21 P-Plate drivers took to the circuit, the most newbies for a long time and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves and have a great time.

The club put on an awesome meeting and now they are gearing up for the 3rd round of the National Championships in May with an expected 300 entries across all classes.

Cadet 12 forming up for a start

The GKCSA committee are also extremely excited as they are beginning to erect an outgrid shade structure which will be completed prior to the National event.

The committee, members and the whole KASA look forward to next month’s major meeting.

Ready and raring to go, 2 x KA3 Juniors at the front with 9 x KA4 Juniors starting at the rear

And as always, thank you to all the people who contribute to the running of the meeting: Stewards, weigh marshal, grid marshal, the guys and girls in the control tower, all canteen staff, and grounds man and of course the head of the club, President Brandon Stillwell.

No Qualifying and all points count (full results on speedhive HERE):

Cadet 9
1st- #88 Mitchell Burgemeister
2nd- #72 Dominic Mercuri
3rd- #24 Riley Harrison
4th- #55 Massimo Calabro
5th- #22 Alessia Calabro


Cadet 9 ready to rumble

KA3 Junior
1st- #75 Brayden Stewart
2nd- #88 Jedd Stanton

Cadet 12
1st- #44 Jack Szewczuk
2nd- #49 Anthony Capobianco
3rd- #42 Annalise Ellis
4th- #24 Kai Layland
5th- #64 Joshua Elliston

TaG 125 Restricted Light
1st- #9 Mathew Nietz
2nd- #54 Joshua Holmes
3rd- #34 James Boden

KA4 Junior Light
1st- #5 Michael Tarbotton
2nd- #53 Jai Hillock
3rd- #36 Brodie Sharp
4th- #44 Brayden Parkinson
5th- #16 Koby Gore

Junior KA3 and KA4 take the start

TaG 125 Restricted Medium
1st- #27 John Ellery
2nd- #88 Garth Jones
3rd- #53 Michael Morton

4SS Senior Medium
1st- #26 Dave Rinaldi
2nd- #36 Daniel Bowden
3rd- #64 Duncan Gavin

Plenty of 4SS drivers here. Dave Rinaldi #26 won with a clean sweep in the Medium class

SA Combined Masters
1st- #27 Emilio Colantuono

4SS Senior Light
1st- #44 Mark Paneras
2nd- #23 Jeremy Smith
3rd- #40 John Sicuro

Open Performance
1st- #84 Jarrad Roberts- KZ2
2nd- #90 Brandon Stillwell- DD2
3rd- #34 James Bowden- Twin Rotax

All the best and Happy Karting!


Can’t do without this cheery fella’s!
Anticipation builds for these Cadet 9s
The club’s Grounds Man, Stewart Petchell
The outgrid without overhead shelter – to be rectified by the National round
#47 Tim Murphy was instrumental in supporting the 4SS class in SA. Great job Tim, you have many followers now