KA State Bodies Support KA NSW

• States welcome KANSW into the national fold to represent NSW Karters
• National affiliation provides national and international opportunities for aspiring Karters

Karting Australia (NSW) Inc. (KANSW), the new association for Karting in NSW with national affiliation, has received the full support of its fellow state Karting groups following the announcement of its launch.

KANSW is a new approach to the state’s Karting administration with a focus on grassroots competition. It has been modelled on the low administration/low cost examples of other states to benefit member Clubs and Karters and encourage greater participation.

It is also aimed to end the upheavals that continually affected the previous state body in the recent years.

Importantly, KANSW assumes affiliation with Karting Australia, which, in addition to major organisational benefits and grassroots support, provides aspiring Karters with a development pathway through major State and National Championships, and onto International competition.

Karting Queensland President, Brett Aird welcomed KANSW to the fold, saying:

“We fully support the introduction of KANSW – the new association gives Clubs and Karters in New South Wales the means for their voices to be heard, and to be properly and fairly represented. It is also very important they have the opportunity to remain affiliated with Karting Australia.”


Karting Victoria President, Russell White said it was important that all states had productive relationships with Karting Australia and KANSW provides that chance for New South Wales Karters.

“From Victoria’s standpoint, we welcome the new entity into the fold. All states are consistent in their beliefs that its time to move on from past troubles, so we’re looking forward to working closely with KANSW’s Executive and seeing it have a positive, cooperative, and constructive rapport with Karting Australia,” White said.

Karting South Australia President, Craig Denton believes KANSW presents an opportunity for unity.

“Many years ago we saw a split within NSW’s Karting ranks with the divide ultimately broken down through negotiation and hard work. I would hope that with better communication and a common approach in wanting what is best for the sport, we end up having a stronger sport not only in NSW but all across the country,” Denton said.

Denton also reminded aspiring Karters of the benefits that come with Karting Australia affiliation.

“KANSW will allow NSW Karters who have ambitions of competing in international CIK-FIA-sanctioned events the ability to obtain an international licence, as without KA there are no other options. It is also the only karting association in NSW recognised by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport.”