American X30 Champion for AKC Finale

Patrizicorse has confirmed that 2016, 2017 and 2018 SKUSA X30 Champion Ryan Norberg will return to Australia to race with the team at the final round of the Australian Kart Championship at Todd Road.

For the first time he will compete aboard a Ricciardo Kart.

“We have had some pretty accomplished and respected drivers suit up for our team over the past few years” team owner Michael Patrizi posted.


“This guy finished in the top 3 at the IAME world final. His knowledge, passion and commitment to his job is second to none and a great asset to our team.

“Like our other drivers this year he sends the right message to his competitors, our partners and fits right into our team.”

“Super excited to head back to Australia to team up with Patrizicorse, once again!” Norberg posted on social media.