Dads Get A Run at the Clyde Marshall Memorial

from Russell Becker

The Annual Clyde Marshall Memorial race meeting took place at Lithgow City Raceway on October 21/22 with a new format of each class only at the track for one day.

This allowed a few dads, who are normally the pit slaves for the kids, to have a run.

Saturday started wet but fined up by heat 2 and the rest of the weekend was bathed in sunshine.

KA4 Senior Heavy get a start on Sunday, class winner Stephen Roffe (17) on pole with Nicholas Cooley (15) alongside

Saturday results

KA4 Junior Light
1. Kent Fias-Ayon
2. Rhys Smith
3. Josh Buchan

TAG Restricted Light
1. Cameron Kendal
2. Melissa Whitmore
3. Cameron Skelton

KA4 Junior Light winner Kent Fias-Ayon ahead of Joshua Buchan

Cadet 12
1. Adam Tomsett
2. Ryan Tomsett
3. Luke Ferguson

KA3 Senior Light
1. Melissa Whitmore

Adam Tomsett was undefeated in Cadet 12

TAG Restricted Medium
1. Jeremy Atkins
2 Greg Holden
3. Gerald Cluderay


Cadet 9
1. Brad Freeburn
2. Josh Benaud
3. Josh Hunter

1st Cadet 9, Bradley Freeburn

TAG Restricted Masters
1. Kingsley Hussey
2. Chris Nobbs
3. Matthew Donnelly


Sunday Results

KA4 Senior Heavy
1. Stephen Roffe
2. Nick Cooley
3. Mick Linsell

KA3 Junior
1. Jackson Souslen-Harlow
2. George Mawad
3. Josh Buchan

Rhys Smith, KA4 Junior Heavy winner

KA3 Senior Medium
1. Jack Lemon
2. Stephen Zerafa
3. Lauren Townsend

KA4 Junior Heavy
1. Rhys Smith
2. Kent Fias-Ayon
3. Dylan Debono

Open Performance
1. Yu-Jin Lee
2. Robert Williams

TAG Light
1. Tim Colombrita
2. Chris Bregonje
3. Anthony Wiskich


TaG Light winner Tim Colombrita leads Chris Bregonje, Anthony Wiskich and a running wide Michael Collins