IKD Ask The Karters

IKD, promoter of the Rotax Pro Tour, conducted a competitor survey at the Puckapunyal round of the series on the weekend.

Here is IKD’s summary of the collated data:


  1. In general, people like the idea of practice tyres being limited to only 1 x set on the Friday – 68% of people are in favour of this concept.
  2. 61% of people think that we need to try and think up ways to put some type of further pre-event testing restrictions in place.
  3. The idea of going to Emerald is not very popular amongst competitors – 77% of people said NO.
  4. Strangely enough, even though Emerald was a definite NO as a one off event….52% of people like the idea of a North Queensland week away with 2 events on consecutive weekends – but 52% is not high enough to consider this idea so it will  be a NO.
  5. 58% of people prefer that we allocate the Grand Final seats based on the overall series rather than splitting the seats up into 3 x 2 Round blocks.
  6. 82% of people like the Trophies we have had this year.
  7. 93% think that Rotax Pro Tour classes are worthy of National Championship status.
  8. In Queensland the tracks that are most popular are Ipswich and Warwick.
  9. In NSW, Dubbo is comfortably the most popular followed by Eastern Creek and Newcastle.
  10. In Victoria Todd Rd and Puckapunyal are clearly the most popular with Albury coming in third.
  11. 54% of people like the idea of running one event per year with a different format such as Qualifying, 2 heats and a Final on both Saturday and Sunday using only 1 x set of tyres


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